Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Women in Islam

The answer for this week's quiz question ("Which of the Prophet's (PBUH) wives was a Jew before embracing Islam?) is...

 Safiya bint Huyayee was the favourite daughter of Huyayee bin Akhtab, the chieftain of the tribe of Banu Nadheer.

 In the battle of Khayber, the Jews were defeated by the Muslims and Safiya (May Allah be pleased with her) lost her husband- so she was taken captive along with all the other prisoners of war.

 The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) freed Safiya and proposed marriage to her.

 When she was given the choice to go free or marry the Prophet (PBUH), she chose to marry the Prophet (PBUH) and she accepted Islam.

 The Prophet (PBUH) paid a reasonable sum of money for Safiya’s hand in marriage and still said to her; “You are now free, if you like you can go back to your tribe or you can be my wife” And this is how she replied “ I longed to be with you while I was a Jew, how can I leave you now when I am a Muslim?”

 Safiya, before embracing Islam had dreamt of a portion of the moon which had fallen into her lap and the sun on her bosom. When she mentioned this dream to her husband at the time he said “You seem to desire to be the wife of the king of Medina?”

 She was 17 at the time of her marriage to the Prophet (PBUH), beautiful, extremely generous and always looked after the poor and the needy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful lines about another Great Woman. It is a pleasure to read you on a weekly basis on this subject and to get closer to these women that are excellent models and inspiration for us all.

    Stay well my dear.

  2. Marie, thanks again for your comment. Its good to have you back. I've missed you, hope you had enjoyed your time in France.

    Stay well always;-}