Sunday, June 26, 2011

The shoes that I really liked

I always find it amazing that we can be reminded of the most important things, through the smallest of things. Sometimes those things that seem routine and insignificant actually teach us the most important lessons of life,  that is of course if we are willing to take heed.
Not too long ago my lesson came through a pair of shoes. I needed to buy a new pair of shoes so as we would all do I went to the shop and took quite a while choosing the correct shoe. After a long time and many different shoes I ended up choosing a shoe which I thought looked really nice on me and I really liked it. When I wore it, I felt good and it sort of gave me an air of confidence (or perhaps if I have to be completely honest I'll admit that it was pride). In any case, it wasn’t even a few weeks that I had it when it broke. The sole came completely loose from the shoe and it needed to be glued together. Prior to that though, the shoe began to damage my toes because it was one of those peep toe styled shoes. So not only was the shoe broken, my poor toes had to bear the brunt of my need to have nice looking shoes as well. I now found myself in a situation where once again I needed to go and buy a new pair of shoes. This time however, I quickly ran into the store, looked for the shoes that would be the most practical, fitted it on and bought it. I suppose you can guess what the results were this time. Although I didn’t feel good every time I wore the shoes, it was fine because it was comfortable and practical, it didn’t hurt my toes and thus far it hasn’t broken or anything.
Ah! Why is it that we need to be taught the same lesson over and over again? In my case I was shown once again that we should not be vain or proud. We should not dress so that we can feel good about ourselves and clothing and shoes should serve its purpose, which is to cover and protect our bodies. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have nice things, but surely our nice things shouldn’t allow us to feel overconfident and it shouldn’t lead to pride or vanity because then it just ends up been a curse instead of a blessing.
I had to learn my lesson through a simple pair of shoes, and no doubt I will have to learn this lesson again and again, because after all we are human beings, and we are prone to error, but Alhamdullilla for now at least I can say that whenever I see my shoes, it reminds me that life is not about the glitz and the glamour. The best things in life are the simplest things, and likewise I have found that the best people in life are the simplest. I want to be of the best people, I want to be of the simple people. I want to be of the people whose true treasures cannot be seen because it exists within. I guess realising the real purpose of a pair of shoes is a start, at least there's a start and inshaa Allah I will get there someday!
May Allah Almighty guide me and everyone else to always be reminded of what is true, real and meaningful in life, Inshaa Allah.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Women in Islam

The answer for the quiz question {Who was the first woman that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married after Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her) passed away?} is:

  • After the passing of Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)suffered from sorrow.
  • A woman by the name of Khawlah (May Allah be pleased with her), who was one of the female Companions noticed these signs of sorrow in the Prophet (PBUH) and suggested marriage to him.
  • Two women were mentioned by Khawlah- Sawdah and A’isha (May Allah be pleased with them).
  • The Prophet (PBUH) married Sawdah first.
  • Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her) was a widow and when she married the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) she started taking care of his 2 daughters, Umm Kulthoom and Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with them) and she started running the affairs of the household of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • She had a clean heart and was one of the truthful believers.
  • She was amiable and humorous, dispelling the Prophet’s (PBUH) worries with her light joking.
  • Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her) felt honoured to be one of the “Mothers of the Faithful” and she sought nothing besides that.
  • Later on she voluntarily gave up the day and night which by rights the Prophet (PBUH) would spend in her company, to her co-wife, A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her).
  • A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her, described Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her) as “a pious worshiper and a generous giver of charity.” 

There are so many lessons for us to learn from these Great Women in Islam. Let us consider the unselfishness and purity of heart displayed by Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her). Furthermore, she was content with her life and strived to make those around her happy. Masha'Allah, May Allah Almighty help us all to become more like these amazing women, Ameen!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dressed but yet naked

The greatest illusion of dress,
Deception at its very best,
Clothing so tight its completely revealing,
Defeating the purpose of concealing.

The man seems to be proud,
Standing next to the woman, so bold and loud.
Her body is there for everyone to see,
Yet covered up she believes herself to be.

Every shape is visible to all,
The exact body type, large or small.
Each curve displayed without a care,
Open, vivid, beauty for everyone to share.

The clothing seems to serve little purpose,
So tight that there’s not even a space,
And so it is the uncovering of the sacred,
Even though it’s believed that they are not naked.

The prophecy uttered by the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) ages ago,
Has now become so true,
Just look around and you’ll be witness to this show,
It should be so clear to me and you.

I wish you could see the truth my sister,
That you don't need to appeal to any mister,
Your body should be kept protected,
It's a treasure that should always be respected.

The cover is not at all meant to harm,
There’s very good reason to conceal your natural charm,
Your beauty is something special,
And modest dressing is the best to instil.

I wish that you could see the truth,
And then you will understand your full worth.

As one of the minor signs before the Day of Judgment, Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) mentioned: “There will be women who will be dressed but they will be naked. Their heads will be like the humps of camels. They will not enter Jannah (Paradise) and will not even smell the scent of Jannah while it can be smelt from a far distance.” [Sahih Muslim]

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogger Award

I'd like to thank the very special Marie for passing this award on to me. Marie has more than one blog, and in all of them she captures what I'd like to call an essence and meaning of life. Whether this is though poetic words or beautiful photographs. But the most special one of her blogs for me is THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN. In this blog Marie shares her thoughts and experiences with us about different things in her life, and it makes one realize that in the end human beings have more in common than we think. This blog celebrates commonalities and acceptance of all people, instead of creating differences and divisions.

Thank you Marie!!! May you always be Blessed.

Now, the rules are that you've got to share 7 things about yourself, so here goes:

1. I always find some difficulty choosing what to say about myself and never know where to start.
2. I have a weakness for books and don't mind spending money on books at any time.
3. Most of the time I dislike shopping ( I know it will sound crazy to some people). I especially dislike
    shopping when places are busy, it drives me crazy.
4. I usually know exactly what I like and what I want from life.
5. Family is very important to me and I can't imagine life without family.
6. One of the things I hate is when people feel sorry for you. When people genuinely take an interest in 
    your life and are willing to understand things then it's great, Alhamdullillah, but when people just
    look at you and feel you sorry for whatever reason, it really irritates me. I guess what I mean here is
    that empathy is way better than sympathy.
7. I have a stubborn streak in me which may surprise people.

Okay, so now that I'm done with that; let me pass on this award to some great bloggers:
- Blue Pearl- whose blog is a combination of fun, laughs, serious insight and inspiration.
- Dear Little Auntie- The advice to others is always so relevant and I love the way questions are answered in such an interesting manner yet it shows that you actually do care.
- In the Shade of Islam-I just recently came across this blog, but I find the posts to be so insightful and intelligent and I am moved by the true conviction of this sister.

As always there are many other great blogs out there who deserve an accolade, but these stand out for me right now.

Thanks again to Marie and all the bloggers out there, keep sharing!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Women in Islam

The answer to this time's quiz question (Which Great Woman was given the glad tidings by the Prophet (PBUH) of a home of Pearl in Paradise?) is:

  • She was the first person to embrace Islam and to believe in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the Messenger of Allah.
  • Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her) had been in a previous marriage before she married the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • She was a wealthy woman who had high commercial holdings.
  • She was also a beautiful woman and she had high status in the community.
  • She was known for her pure manners, which gave her the title of “The Pure Woman”.
  • Many men sought her hand in marriage, but she refused all these proposals.
  • News had reached her of the man people called “The Trustworthy”, and she was impressed by what she heard about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • She sent someone to him to indirectly express her interest in marrying the Prophet (PBUH). She was 40 years old at the time, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was 25.
  • Both were delighted when the marriage took place because they shared the same morals and manners.
  • The greatness of Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her) showed the most when Muhammad (PBUH) was granted Prophethood.
  • She unhesitatingly believed the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he came to her telling her about his encounter with Jibreel.
  • She was a model of wisdom and a source of great support.
  • When the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told her that he was afraid that something might happen to him she replied with such amazing wisdom; she said “Never! By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your kin, serve your guests generously, help the poor and the destitute and assist people afflicted by calamity.”
  • Khadeejah was the one who calmed the Prophet (PBUH) and gave him strength in the most difficult of times.
  • Another great aspect of this amazing woman was that she invested all her wealth in the cause of Allah. She spent generously, without ever making mention of what she had spent.
  • She also showed kindness to weak and poor Muslims.
  • She passed away at a very difficult time in History for the Muslims and her death was a source of great sorrow to the Prophet (PBUH).
  • For years to come the Prophet (PBUH) would always remember Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her), he spoke about her nostalgically, wept when he was reminded of her and maintained close ties with her good friends.
  • For Muslims all over this Great Woman will always be remembered as the supporter of the Prophet (PBUH) in the most difficult of times.
  • Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her) was the first Mother of the Faithful in every sense.

I fear that I cannot do justice to this amazing Mother of the Faithful, or to all the other Great Women in Islam. These few words that I put down each time are but a mere glimpse into their amazing lives. I therefore urge you to read more about these women. They are an inspiration and I feel unworthy and extremely humbled to even be writing about them. May Allah Almighty shower His Peace and Blessings Upon them, eternally. Inshaa Allah!

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