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In this blog I hope to be able to expose the truth about Muslim women. Not the flawed version of the truth that is so desperately being sold to everyone through the media, but the actual truth; the truth that shows the diversity and true beauty of Muslim women. I regard myself as extremely fortunate (Alhamdulila) because my life experiences have allowed me to meet a variety of different Muslim sisters. I know women who are intelligent and kind, women who are feisty and stubborn, there are those who are quiet and serene; and then there are those who are loud and vivacious. I have met women who are unafraid and bold, women who enjoy debating and sharing their opinions, I have associated with women who are perfectionists in everything that they do and those who are chilled and relaxed, taking things as it comes. There are those who are fun-loving and adventurous, mischievous and naughty, and there’s no way I can forget to mention those women who make me laugh continuously because of their great sense of humour.

These women come from all walks of life, from different cultures, and social backgrounds ; they have different careers and occupations, different interests and ideas, but they are all Muslim women!

The funny and yet extremely important thing is that none of these women match the stereotype of sullen Muslim woman, dressed completely in black, chained to the stove and forced to have dozens of children. Yes, there are those who dress in complete black and who cover themselves completely, but this seems to have given them more confidence and courage, allowing them to love and appreciate their choice of dress.

The thing that stands out the most about the Muslim women I have met is their faith and their conviction, and their appreciation and true understanding of what it means to be a woman. You see, people have reduced women to objects of desire, believing that what they see on the outside is what defines the woman, but Islam teaches us that a woman deserves to be regarded as a complete human being; one that is respected and honoured, not only for her physical beauty, but for the beauty that lies within her as well, and for her intelligence and character. SO the truth is that when Islam is practised properly, then Muslim women are afforded the highest status, respect and honour.

I cannot deny that there are Muslim women who do feel oppressed and stifled, but there are also non-Muslim women who feel oppressed and stifled. To box all Muslim women up into one category is unjust, because as you’ll see, Muslim women are diverse and unique, and no stereotypes are ever going to be able to capture the true essence of these amazing human beings.

In addition, the history of Islam clearly shows us that Muslim women were active members of their society; they were esteemed, consulted and respected. They were at the fore front of society - in business, politics, social and religious issues, family issues, and even in warfare- and through all this they maintained their dignity, chastity and honour, and because of this they will always be respected and honoured by men and women alike.

These are the truths that are not told to people, people are not told about the great Muslim women in Islamic history and the importance of their contributions in society. Neither are people told about the dynamic Muslim women of today.

Inshallah this blog will succeed in exposing the truth about Muslim women, even if this is done in a small way. Not only will the stories and experiences of normal Muslimah’s be focused on, but Inshallah the stories of our great Mothers in Islam will also be exposed.

It is my sincere duaa that Allah Almighty guides this effort and allows some truth to be brought to the fore through this, inshallah!

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  1. wow... this is soo great, i love this blog already after just reading this post, mashallah, mashallah. i will definitly follow this blog. btw your blog designt background thing is beautiful, i really want one like it, do u know where i can get it?

  2. As-salaamu-alaykum

    Jazakallah Khayr, I am so glad that you like this blog and hope that you enjoy reading the posts, it's great to be able to interact with Muslimah's from all over. As for the template, I dont know exactly what site I downloaded it from, but I just did a google search for free blogger templates and got it on one of those sites, I'm sorry but I really don't remember exactly which one, it could've been something like btemplates or one of those, if you put in some key words like free beautiful templates or something I'm sure you'll find it.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you

    May Allah shower His peace and blessings on you

  3. Dear Sister, I beg you to always add your references of the Quran - so I can look them up in mine - and educate myself wisely. I find it difficult when 'teachers' just tell us their opinion but have no depth and insight from their Holy Books. I am excited to have found your blog.

  4. Chrys

    Thank you for your comment and welcome to this blog. You make a very good point, in future I will try my best to put in proper Quraan references when I am talking about things, Inshaa-Allah.

    I hope that you find this blog beneficial.

  5. ****Islam teaches us that a woman deserves to be regarded as a complete human being; one that is respected and honoured, not only for her physical beauty, but for the beauty that lies within her as well, and for her intelligence and character. SO the truth is that when Islam is practised properly, then Muslim women are afforded the highest status, respect and honour.****

    Most American Christians are completely ignorant of this. Enlightening and Beautiful. thank you!

    I love reading more about your culture, religion and life.

    You are just like "ME."

  6. My Inner Chick

    It is unfortunate that most people don't know this, but I have faith that those who are truly interested in learning about other people will come to find out the truth. It's wonderful when we can get to know each other's cultures and religions in a non judgmental way, it is true that we all have something to teach each other, and learning from each other is always so positive.

    Hope to hear more from you,

    1. Zarina,
      if we all learned & respected other cultures, it could be a perfect world, darling.
      What a beautiful dream.
      No fighting, bullying, killing, superiority, ISIS, bombs, division, HATE.
      This is my prayer.


      PS. What do you think Muslim people think of Americans? Does the media tell you horrible things about us? What do you think of ISIS, Obama, all of these hate crimes?


  7. It would be a perfect world indeed, and it may seem impossible, but who knows, through prayer the "impossible" can become "possible".

    As for Muslim people's views on American's, I think that these views are varied. i know of Muslim people who believe that American's are the ideal, and on the other hand, there are Muslims who believe that American's are the epitome of evil, it's the same way American's see Muslims I suppose, there are those who absolutely hate Muslims, and there are those who are able to see the good. I personally believe that you can't classify "Americans" as one group of people who all think and feel the same. People are too diverse to do this. An important teaching of Islam which many of us seem to have forgotten is that we should not hate people, no matter who the people are, we can hate the things that they do, their evil actions, but we cannot hate people, and I think this is so important because all people have good and bad and there is hope for us all to become better humans.

    I don't know how things are in Muslim countries, I live in South Africa and the media here is actually pro American more than anything else, so I wouldn't know for sure what sort of media portrayal other Muslims are getting.

    As for ISIS, and hate crimes, I think that it can become confusing, because these people are outwardly portrayed as Muslims and it may seem that they represent all Muslims, but the dynamic is not that simple and the acts committed by these people do not represent true Islam. (I'm sure you must have heard people saying this before). Yes, war was allowed in the time of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), but this war was always within a particular framework and as a last resort, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) actually suffered persecution for many years and eventually migrated from his hometown in Mecca before an allowance for war was made, because there was no other way. Also, the rules for war in Islam are very specific, no harming women and children is one of the rules of war. I won't go on too much about this now because I don't want to go off topic, but i you are interested in discussing this or any other topic further please let me know.

    As for my views on Obama, its quite similar to the way I feel about other political figures. I think that as a political figure its hard to separate your own views and ideas from the bigger picture. Like us. he probably has an ideal world view as well, but politics are politics for a reason and its unfair to have feelings towards one particular person when that person is simply the face that represents the workings of an entire system. There are many issues that I have with the politics of America, but then again, I have too many issues with the politics of South Africa as well, or any other country for that matter (including Islamic countries). I guess that there are too many issues to consider in any discussion on politics, but like I said before, I don't hate any person, perhaps the things they do, but not the person themselves.

    I hope this answers your questions, I would love to hear your views on hate crimes, ISIS and even on Obama;-)

    Stay well always

  8. All I can add in response is "Excellent." You answered beautifully all of my questions about my ignorance on such issues.

    I look forward to learning from you, Sarina.

    Love from Minnesota.

  9. Likewise, I look forward to learning from you too.

    All the best always;-)

    1. Zarina,
      I have questions for you about what is going on in our world right now. Can I email you? My email is Thank you!!!

  10. Hi Zarina. I am so glad I found your blog. I am not Muslim, but I love the poetry of Rumi. Other than that, I know a few Muslims because I tutor refugees in English, but at a library, and one at a time, not in a big group of Muslims talking together in a language I can understand. I am looking forward to sitting back and listening to you and your guests. Blessings!

  11. Hi Irene

    Good to hear from you, hope you enjoy reading the blog;-) Please feel free to email me or ask questions here if you would like.

    Wishing you only good!

  12. Assalaam Alaykum,

    Insha’Allah, you are doing well.

    How can I get in contact with your content administrator or the person responsible for the content on your blog?

    Outreach Coordinator

  13. Wa alaykum salaam

    You may email me directly on

  14. Wa alaykum salaam

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  15. Wa alaykum salaam

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