Monday, April 11, 2011

A sad day for so-called freedom

The news headlines this morning read that "FRANCE HAS OFFICIALLY BANNED THE BURKA".

So much for "freedom"!

I won't write about this again, we all know this issue way too well and I've written about it before. I just feel very sad that this ridiculous law has actually been officially passed. Also, just reading peoples comments in response to the articles shows me that bigotry and intolerance, mixed with ignorance seems to be the order of the day.

And they continue to sell us their false ideas of "freedom" and "democracy".

I know this comes as a victory to many, including some Muslims who argue adamanatly that the niqab and burqa is nothing but a cultural symbol. In all the arguments, discussions, debates and discourses, everyone seems to be missing the main point.

The freedom to choose what they want to wear has just been taken away from our Muslim sisters in France!!!

How can anyone celebrate this?

All I can say is that Allah sees all that happens and Allah is The Knower of all things.

Allah says in the Holy Qur'an  8:30 "Verily they plan, but Allah also plans and Allah is the best of planners".

May Allah gives us all, especially our French Muslim Sisters, the strength to continue in His Path. Inshaa Allah!


  1. What????? As Salaamu alaikum wr wb sis.... I am really shocked at this news. what you have written is abdolutely true.... let them plan and Allah is indeed the best of planners.... so for for freedom... slaves of their own desires and shallow minded-ness.

  2. Is that so? How dare France do to our Muslim there. I as Muslim in other country feel sad about this freaking news. As U say, Only Allah know behind this. Be strong Okay :)

  3. Indeed, Allahu Alim!!
    This is a huge test, ins't it?! It's very sad news indeed! It's crazy and ironic how burka's are banned when mini-skirts (and all that comes with it) are toally OK everywhere in the West! They completely misunderstood something here. Of course I don't think mini-skirts etc. should be banned, but I just think it's crazy how this world has become and how upside-down our view on each other (and women especially) is :-(

    This is indeed a time of Sabr and duaa! <3

  4. By the way, this is a very interesting article:
    - from the The Islam Awareness Blog.

  5. It is sad I recognise but unfortunately this decision is based on a lack of knowledge - I know how they think in France, my country. They think by this ban they are helping woman breaking habits their husbands or families impose to them, they are helping these women to gain for freedom back.
    They associate Burqa with Afganhistan and Niqab with Iran or Yemen - we all know in these countries women are fighting a hard battle for their rights.
    The world need more people like you sisters to spread the truth about Islam. If not we are heading to a world with less and less freedom.

  6. Sisters- Truly this is a test and as you say we must remain patient and keep praying to Allah, Insha Allah guidance will be given to those who misunderstand.

    Marie- I understand this type of thinking, they believe that they are helping women, and yes in many countries Muslim women are struggling for their rights. But they have totally ignored the women who are clearly stating that wearing the niqab and burka was their own choice. Instead of helping these women from a perceived oppression, they are oppressing them in turn. In the name of women's rights, they themselves are taking away women's rights by passing such laws. It all boils down to a lack of knowledge as you've said and a whole lot of assumptions.

    May Allah help us all Inshaa Allah!

  7. Rose water

    Thanks for the article link, it's a very good article. I admire this sister so much. May Allah reward her continuously Inshaa Allah.

  8. I linked to your blog Zarina and found aticles that are quite interesting as well.

    Praying for Muslim Women around the World, and especially French ones today, as I imagine the tough times ahead of them, in a country that put "So called FREEDOM" on the first line.

    I would like to ask you a favour Zarina (and other lovely muslimah as well) if it is fine with you obviously - would you like to write a article for my blog on the Veil/Hijab - I think your testimony would be a great opportunity for people who do not know Islam well to understand the topic better.

    If you don't want, please feel free to tell me, I'll totally understand.

    In the meantime stay well dear and be blessed.

  9. Marie I wouldn't mind at all to write an article for your blog, please just give me some time to write something and please give me an e-mail address where I can send it.

    If you want to you can mail me your e-mail address to

    Thanks my dear, you stay well too.

  10. Assalamu Alaikum, lovely blog you have here!

    I've given you the inspiration award, and I think you make an excellent point in this post. The freedom to choose doesn't seem to matter for this ban.

    you van view my post here:

    Oh, and thank you for following my blog as well, I'm following yours.

    Blessings and Love.