Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Women in Islam

Inshaa Allah I am going to be having a weekly mini quiz so that we can all learn more about the wonderful women in Islam.
Each week I will be asking one question (Please see the sidebar and give your answer).

Then next Friday I will put up the correct answer and give some information about that Great Woman.

I think this is a fun way to learn more about our wonderful role models in Islam.

Inshaa Allah, I hope that you all like this too.


  1. Zarina,

    This is a wonderful idea and this way I will know more about these great women...for the time being I will try to guess the answer of today's quiz.
    Have a lovely week-end Zarina!

  2. This is a great idea, Zarina! I look forward to learning more about these wonderful women in Islam. :)

  3. Dear sister, That is one awesome idea!!! Masha'Allah!! :) LOVE YOU :) And thanks for helping us learn more about our wonderful deen. May Allah (swt) reward you for your efforts! Ameen.

  4. Thank you so much sisters, I'm glad you all like the idea, these women are just so amazing and if we were even a little bit like them we'd be honoured. Inshaa Allah we can all learn from this, and it's fun!!!

    Hope you have all have a great weekend.

    rose water- thank you for the duaa, May Allah accept all our duaas inshaa Allah. Love you too sister;-} (and all the rest of you too;-)

    Stay in Peace Inshaa Allah.

  5. im abit confused. I know that Khadija (RA), Aisha (RA) and Hafsa RA memorised the quraan but as for the first woman, was not Hafsa? I could be wrong here so please assist...i am abit confused

  6. Dearest Blue Pearl, Inshaa Allah I will post the answer at the end of the week, along with some interesting facts about the Great woman.

    I'm sorry you have to wait, but I hope to prepare something good inshaa Allah.