Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Dedication to Our Great Mother- Khadija (May Allah Be Please with her)

The first person to embrace Islam, When the message came she was level-headed and calm,
She was a comfort and a guide,
As she stood firmly by the Prophet’s (PBUH) side.

A businesswoman of the highest calibre,
Her example shows us women can be clever,
She handled affairs with wisdom and ease,
This amazing mother of the believers was a model of strength, a perfect breeze.

Her strength was known to all,
In times of hardship she stood tall,
Her wisdom was so clear,
To the prophet (PBUH) she was very dear.

She recognized his good character,
And soon sent representatives to sort out the matter,
Their marriage was a perfect example for us all,
Their love and support made them stronger than a brick wall.

Oh Khadija! Our blessed and beloved mother,
You surely had a different kind of power,
It was not used to dominate,
Only love and warmth did it generate.

There’s so much that we need to learn from you,
Our model of beauty and all that is true,
You had no need to change the roles,
A power struggle there was none of, even though you were so bold.

Your life will always be an example for us,
A true depiction, with no worry or fuss,
The perfect Muslim woman,
Striving and pleasing for the sake of Allah!

In these times when females fight to get ahead,
When the battle of power is so evident,
Your story shines through and teaches so much,
And we understand what true female strength is all about.

Your example is our shining light,
There’s no need for us to emulate,
All the fake role models they want us to follow,
Who we know will only bring us sorrow!

With the help of our Creator,
We will use your life as our shelter,
The lessons we learn from you will protect us,
Our beloved, our mother, we remember you fondly!
May Allah unite us in Paradise!
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