Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Strength of a Woman

The strength of a woman is unlike anything you’ll find,
She makes sacrifices time after time,
And through it all she still tries to be good and kind,
And even with hardships she continues to smile.

She surprises people with her courage,
As she bears burdens in her silent worry,
Her children always come first,
All her pleasures does she give up for theirs.

Her giving and caring never comes to an end,
And for others does she continuously spend,
In so many ways she stands out from the rest,
As for others she always wants the best.

She forgets all her anger,
To ensure that there is peace,
And she even keeps in her feelings,
So that loved ones have ease.

The strength of a woman cannot always be seen,
She has no big muscles to make her look mean,
Her strength is within her,
And it continues to foster.

The strength of a woman cannot be compared,
There’s a reason that she was chosen for things so unique,
This strength of a woman must be shared,
Therefore today, of this strength do we speak!

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