Saturday, April 3, 2010

Muslim women trying to make a difference in their own way

The other day I was speaking to a fellow Muslim sister who was very enthusiastic and excited about spreading the importance of Islamic dress. This woman wanted to find new and interesting ways of getting young Muslim women and girls to realize that dressing Islamically is not at all boring or outdated. She told me about other women that she had come into contact with who had similar ideas and interests. For instance, she mentioned a lady who teaches women how to tie the headscarf in many different styles.
 Shortly after that I was in contact with an old school friend of mine and she began discussing the importance of doing da’wah (spreading the word of Islam). My friend’s passion and excitement matched the Muslim sister’s I spoke to as she continued to emphasize how spreading the word of Islam is every Muslim’s duty, men and women.

This made me realize that there are so many Muslim women out there who are trying to make some sort of difference in whatever way they can. Whether it’s by encouraging other women who have made the choice to change the way they dress or even just by sharing ideas, experiences or perhaps even delicious recipes.

The point is that Muslim women are beginning to understand that they can be a source of comfort, support and even inspiration for one another, and moreover they are beginning to realize that they can make important differences! The Muslim sister network seems to be growing and Muslim sisters all over the world are connecting with one another and thinking about ways that they can make important changes in each other’s lives and in the broader society.

There are dynamic and interesting Muslim women who are tired of hearing all the negative stereotypes, tired of having other people relating how they think Muslim women feel, tired of others making assertions about how they dress, and tired of others dictating to them what type of women they think they should be. There seems to be an increasing need for Muslim women to speak out, to have a voice instead of having others speak for them. And, so it is that Muslim women are making efforts to do whatever they can, according to their own capacity.

It is clear that a heightened Muslim female identity is being developed. Muslim women are beginning to develop a pride about who they are and they are actively making choices for themselves! No longer are Muslim women content to follow their Western counterparts, now there are Muslimah’s creating their own beauty and fashion magazines, deciding for themselves what dictates they wish to live by and becoming content with who they are and what their religion stipulates from them.

The result is that wherever you look you are sure to find some Muslim women making an attempt in some way, it doesn’t matter what way, because with the correct intention, a small effort can make a huge difference, and every single person has the ability to contribute in some way or the other. Makes you feel really good to be a Muslim woman, doesn’t it?

May the Almighty Allah reward every single Muslim sister in abundance and may He accept everyone’s efforts, Insha’Allah Ameen.

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