Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Women in the Glorious Qur’aan

Yesterday was “National Woman’s Day” here in South Africa, and obviously, for this day, women and their achievements were proudly brought to the fore. Newspapers included articles about women and their work, even government found it necessary to talk about the most pressing issues that women have to deal with. I think it's really great to do this, but Why all this isn’t done on a more regular basis is a major question,! Never mind that for now though, I clearly remember posting something about that last year on “Women’s Day” so there’s not much point in repeating myself, now is there?

Since it is the Blessed month of Ramadhaan and I have been spending more time reciting the Glorious Qur’aan, (only through the mercy of Allah) the thoughts that came to my mind yesterday were about women in the Qur’aan. A few days ago I recited the Chapter in the Qur’aan on women. SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah), it feels really nice to know that the Noble Qur’aan dedicates a whole chapter (one of the longer ones) to women’s issues. So actually here we have a place where women’s issues and women’s rights are discussed on a continuous basis, not just on one day. All we have to do is read about it. Let me just mention here that this Chapter is not the only place in the Qur’aan where women’s issues are discussed. Also, the Qur’aan is not something that is static, and which only applies to certain people at a certain time. The Qur’aan is alive in its messages and its words apply to us all and will continue to apply to people in years to come. This is definitely not a book with outdated information which requires a new publication every year or two.

I was saddened however, when I thought about what people have done to the idea of women in the Qur’aan. I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about; Those people who have found it appropriate to blaspheme the Glorious Qur’aan by saying that the Qur’aan encourages women abuse and oppression of women. Now I know that they’ve put forth their arguments in a way that may seem convincing to many people, especially since they take out “quotes” (or I should say half-quotes, or incomplete quotes) from the Qur’aan to backup their erroneous arguments. And I also know that these very people would regard me as an oppressed Muslim woman who doesn’t know any better, but I can tell you that anyone who reads the Glorious Qur’aan with an open heart, with good intention and in completion will agree with me that indeed the Qur’aan is the best advocate for women’s rights!

My sadness was decreased a bit when I recalled some other verses in the Qur’aan where Allah Almighty speaks about  people who distort verses of the Qur’aan, and who use the verses out of context to back up erroneous claims and lies. SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah)! There is nothing that Allah is unaware of.

So for those who say that the Qur’aan advocates inequality between males and females, I deny this false claim and plead with you to read properly. For those who say that the Qur’aan encourages women abuse, I ask you to open your mind and read with understanding and for those who claim that the source of oppression of women is the Qur’aan once again I strongly disagree with all these claims. When I read the Glorious Qur’aan it makes me feel special. It makes me feel worthy and it makes me feel like it doesn’t matter what the whole world may say and do, because Our Creator, The One, Allah, knows best about every single one of us, male and female, and I am reassured over and over again that the Glorious Qur’aan is the best advocate for women’s rights . This is indeed a place where women are given a status of importance. If we but only take the time to ponder correctly, with open hearts then we will see that this is the truth.

Allah wants people to live together in peace and with kindness. So much so that Allah Almighty keeps encouraging men to be kind to their women. Even in the case of divorce (and we all know how ugly divorces can get), men are urged to treat women with kindness.  In all instances women’s needs are considered, even in the case of divorce. These needs include emotional, psychological, physical and financial. The rules are clear, the injunctions are clear, there should be no need for confusion. Allah says plainly that men should live with women in kindness or part with them in kindness. Another example is that according to the Qur’aan, men are allowed to marry up to four women, but if they fear that they will be unjust then they should marry just one. There are many other instances such as these which make it clear that Allah Almighty only wants what’s good for us, and Allah understands the nature of men and the nature of women, BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!

Allah Almighty says in the Glorious Qur’aan that it is Allah who knows best about all His Creatures. Allah is The Creator, Allah is The Knower and Allah is the One who has set out clear guidance for both males and females. What Allah has prescribed for us is definitely what is best for us. I can say with conviction that the Most Glorious Qur’aan does not encourage or excuse any of the actions that people claim it does. One of Allah Almighty’s beautiful names is “The Just” and Allah will not put forth anything that will harm or oppress anyone, man or woman!

Glory be to Allah and All Praise be to Allah who has given us the Most Beautiful Book, the Qur’aan in which is clear guidance and only Truth! May Allah open up our hearts to accept and understand this truth, inshaa Allah.

 Ten days of the Blessed month of Ramadhaan have already passed, the time is going too quickly. I hope that you are all making the best of this time we have being given and I wish you all the best for the remaining days of Ramadhaan!


  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I am amazed that I'm only now coming across your blog - a fellow South African Muslimah blogger mashaAllah. Very insightful post, thank you for sharing!

    Jazakillah khayran Sis

  2. Washi

    Jazakallah for your comment, and yes it is great to find fellow South African Muslimah bloggers. I'm glad you found the post insightful and looking forward to hearing more from you in future.

  3. Zarina, this is a very interesting and lovely post. It shows us Women in Islam under a different perspective and really makes me want to read and extend my knowledge on the subject, as so many wrong ideas are being shared nowadays.
    Hope Ramadan is going well for you. Time is flying. Take care and read you soon.

  4. Thanks once again Marie, Ramadhaan is going very good with the Grace of Almighty Allah, its just sad that it's going so quickly.

    I hope that you are able to read some different perspectives on women in Islam, things really are not as they are made out to be. I am currently listening to a lecture series on this topic which is really good, insha Alah I hope to post some of the main points from that series up, I'm sure you'll find it insightful, but that will have to wait, maybe I'll begin that after Ramadhaan so look out for that.

    Otherwise I hope that you are doing well too.