Monday, August 22, 2011

That Ramadhaan Feeling

Although I am very happy that it’s the Blessed month of Ramadhaan, I have to admit that things don’t seem all that right this year. Usually there is a particular “feel” in the month of Ramadhaan. You just feel like its extra special and you somehow feel different inside. This year has got me wondering because that extra special feeling I usually have seems to be amiss somehow. The days still seem special, the nights still peaceful, the moments spent in recitation of the Glorious Quraan or praying salaah still seem more meaningful, just like every year, then why do things still seem so different? And then it hit me...

Last year Ramadhaan I was honoured to have spent the last ten days of the month in the best place on earth, the Blessed City of Madinah. Nothing can compare to those ten days, and my years of special Ramadhaan’s seem bleak in comparison. The late night Taraweeh prayers with the most beautiful Quraanic recitation still lingers in my mind. The search for a small space in the extra full Masjid Nabawi so that you can perform your prayers, standing squashed up amidst a huge crowd of women and not knowing if my space to put my head down is still going to be there when I need to prostrate, or whether another woman would have found her way in. The scrambling for a glass of zam-zam water to break the fast at the time of Iftaar. The scores of people, leisurely enjoying the serenity of the entire place. The families sitting together eating their final morning meal before they begin their fast, while others are immersed in prayer. The early morning sounds of Quraan being recited from the Masjid Nabawi as Qiyaam-ul-Layl (late night/early morning voluntary prayers) is being performed. The continuous hustle and bustle, shops open till late, people completely at leisure, food and water being handed out as you walk on the streets. Every single person doing the same thing, every single person seeking blessings from Allah Almighty. The completely packed city, with more people than you’ll ever see together at the same place, at the same time (except of course for the amount of people in Makkah in Ramadhaan which exceeds the scores of people in Madinah and if you had to consider Hajj time which is much fuller). This was Ramadhaan in Madinah, how can I ever have that old time extra special feeling again, after experiencing something so amazing.

As I sit here in South Africa this Ramadhaan I am extremely thankful for my experience last year, and I am glad that during this Blessed month people around me seem to be trying so much harder to be better people and better Muslims, but my heart still longs for Madinah, and the longing  of the heart is something that is not in our control. Last year this time I was there, in the Blessed City, this year I will pray that the light, peace and happiness that I experienced there, can be experienced by all of us, over and over again. It’s true, you don’t have to be in Makkah or Madinah to receive blessings,  you can connect with your Lord, even from the corner of your room, in your house, anywhere in the world, even in South Africa. The connection is definitely much more vivid there, but it’s Ramadhaan, a month I like to regard as a month of gifts, a month of opportunity. There are opportunities to receive blessings, to be granted forgiveness , and for the acceptance of prayers, but most of all, there are extra opportunities to connect with Allah and find the Ultimate Truth.

It is the last few days of Ramadhaan, these nights are the most blessed as I’m sure you all already know, if you can remember me in your prayers, then please do so. Let us take the opportunities we have right now; we have no idea where we’ll be next year.

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  1. Assalaam Alaikum Zarina,

    It's so wonderful that you were able to experience the beauty, peace, tranquility, and most importantly, the blessings that the month of Ramadan brings, in the city of Madinah. Just imagine how many hasanaat you must have received from praying in the Masjid of the Prophet (sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallaam)! I can completely understand your longing for the experience again. May Allah allow us all the opportunity in our lifetimes to visit the two blessed cities during the month of Ramadan, Ameen.

    I hope you're Ramadan is going well! Insha'Allah we make the most of these last 10 days.

  2. Thank you Sara and Inshaa Allah your duaa will be accepted and we will all have the wonderful opportunity.

    Alhamdullillah I am having a good Ramadhaan and I hope that you are too. All the best for the days ahead, may it be easy for you to make the best out of it, and I hope you have a lovely Eid as well.

  3. Zarina, shukran jazeelan for sharing this post! It's beautifully written with such imagery that it transported me right into the Masjid-Nabawi mashaAllah. I so long to go back there...have only been during haj time (in 2004) when it was very very full also. Ameen to your dua for us to experience Ramadan in the Nabi SAW's city! I completely understand that Ramadan at home will never be the same for you again...

    JazakiAllah khayr

  4. Nadia /washi

    Jazakallah Khayr for your comment, I'm glad that you were able to get a feel of what Madinah is like in Ramadhaan, it's amazing and I wish everyone could experience it. I understand your longing, somehow the city of Madinah has that effect on you. Inshaa Allah we will all be taken there again. I'm sure you agree that even though its so full, there's still somehow such peace and tranquility, it's almost like you've found your place of beloning amongst the thousands of people.

    May Allah Almighty accept all our duaas Inshaa Allah.

  5. Lovely writing about a time we can feel brought you so many blessings and joy.

    I understand it can't be the same this year but I hope everything is going fine and that you will live other moments like this in the future.

    May these last days bring you peace. Keeping you in my prayers and my thoughts. Stay well Zarina.

    PS: Some love around here!

  6. Salam Zarina, I pray that you are well. This post resonated with me for different reasons. Last year I was waiting for the birth of my Rainbow after his brother died the year prior.

    I always look at Ramadan as a start over point for me. I hope that no matter what the feelings, that you are blessed.

    BTW...I need your help with something.

    Can you email me at

    Hope to hear from you.

  7. Marie- As always thanks for your well wishes and kind words. Many thanks also for the lovely award, I will try and post about that as soon as I can. I hope that you are doing well.

    Salma- Thanks for your comment. I am so sorry to heat about the loss of your child, Alhamdullillah that Allah has blessed you with your Rainbow, who certainly seems to have brought joy into your life. May Allah ease all your difficulties and always keep you peaceful.

    Although my Ramadhaan was not as special as last year, I am glad to say that Alhamdulillah it was nonetheless a very good one. I hope that you had a good one too.

    PS: I have sent you an e-mail ;-)