Sunday, June 26, 2011

The shoes that I really liked

I always find it amazing that we can be reminded of the most important things, through the smallest of things. Sometimes those things that seem routine and insignificant actually teach us the most important lessons of life,  that is of course if we are willing to take heed.
Not too long ago my lesson came through a pair of shoes. I needed to buy a new pair of shoes so as we would all do I went to the shop and took quite a while choosing the correct shoe. After a long time and many different shoes I ended up choosing a shoe which I thought looked really nice on me and I really liked it. When I wore it, I felt good and it sort of gave me an air of confidence (or perhaps if I have to be completely honest I'll admit that it was pride). In any case, it wasn’t even a few weeks that I had it when it broke. The sole came completely loose from the shoe and it needed to be glued together. Prior to that though, the shoe began to damage my toes because it was one of those peep toe styled shoes. So not only was the shoe broken, my poor toes had to bear the brunt of my need to have nice looking shoes as well. I now found myself in a situation where once again I needed to go and buy a new pair of shoes. This time however, I quickly ran into the store, looked for the shoes that would be the most practical, fitted it on and bought it. I suppose you can guess what the results were this time. Although I didn’t feel good every time I wore the shoes, it was fine because it was comfortable and practical, it didn’t hurt my toes and thus far it hasn’t broken or anything.
Ah! Why is it that we need to be taught the same lesson over and over again? In my case I was shown once again that we should not be vain or proud. We should not dress so that we can feel good about ourselves and clothing and shoes should serve its purpose, which is to cover and protect our bodies. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have nice things, but surely our nice things shouldn’t allow us to feel overconfident and it shouldn’t lead to pride or vanity because then it just ends up been a curse instead of a blessing.
I had to learn my lesson through a simple pair of shoes, and no doubt I will have to learn this lesson again and again, because after all we are human beings, and we are prone to error, but Alhamdullilla for now at least I can say that whenever I see my shoes, it reminds me that life is not about the glitz and the glamour. The best things in life are the simplest things, and likewise I have found that the best people in life are the simplest. I want to be of the best people, I want to be of the simple people. I want to be of the people whose true treasures cannot be seen because it exists within. I guess realising the real purpose of a pair of shoes is a start, at least there's a start and inshaa Allah I will get there someday!
May Allah Almighty guide me and everyone else to always be reminded of what is true, real and meaningful in life, Inshaa Allah.


  1. "May Allah Almighty guide me and everyone else to always be reminded of what is true, real and meaningful in life, Inshaa Allah."


  2. What an interesting story, ma'shaAllah! Ameen to the dua :D

  3. Eyewitness and Little Auntie

    Jazakallah Khayr,Inshaa Allah all our duaas will be accepted, Allah is the Most Merciful!

    Stay well and may Allah's Peace and Blessings be with you both.

  4. So glad you found the right for peep toes no matter how great they look, they seem to love killing your toes. I still can't do peep toes. unfortunately though as Woman, we will never learn our lesson when it comes to shoes! *lol*

  5. Good to read you again Zarina! It's true how sometime we learn from the simple things. I had tough times with shoes too, so now I just buy ones I am comfortable in, they are not fancy at all but they make the job!
    May we be humble and recognise that truth resides inside us and not in what we show to the world.
    Stay well my dear and have a lovely Monday!

  6. Blue Pearl-
    so so true, there's just something with women and shoes, even we can't understand it. I don't think I'll be buying another pair of peep toes, at least not anytime soon! Glad to have you back! Hope you enjoyed the break;-}

    Going for comfort instead of looks is so much better, and you're right, only those who are truly humble are able to realise that whats inside is so much more important, I too hope that we can be of those people.

    You stay well and have a great week ahead.