Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogger Award

I'd like to thank the very special Marie for passing this award on to me. Marie has more than one blog, and in all of them she captures what I'd like to call an essence and meaning of life. Whether this is though poetic words or beautiful photographs. But the most special one of her blogs for me is THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN. In this blog Marie shares her thoughts and experiences with us about different things in her life, and it makes one realize that in the end human beings have more in common than we think. This blog celebrates commonalities and acceptance of all people, instead of creating differences and divisions.

Thank you Marie!!! May you always be Blessed.

Now, the rules are that you've got to share 7 things about yourself, so here goes:

1. I always find some difficulty choosing what to say about myself and never know where to start.
2. I have a weakness for books and don't mind spending money on books at any time.
3. Most of the time I dislike shopping ( I know it will sound crazy to some people). I especially dislike
    shopping when places are busy, it drives me crazy.
4. I usually know exactly what I like and what I want from life.
5. Family is very important to me and I can't imagine life without family.
6. One of the things I hate is when people feel sorry for you. When people genuinely take an interest in 
    your life and are willing to understand things then it's great, Alhamdullillah, but when people just
    look at you and feel you sorry for whatever reason, it really irritates me. I guess what I mean here is
    that empathy is way better than sympathy.
7. I have a stubborn streak in me which may surprise people.

Okay, so now that I'm done with that; let me pass on this award to some great bloggers:
- Blue Pearl- whose blog is a combination of fun, laughs, serious insight and inspiration.
- Dear Little Auntie- The advice to others is always so relevant and I love the way questions are answered in such an interesting manner yet it shows that you actually do care.
- In the Shade of Islam-I just recently came across this blog, but I find the posts to be so insightful and intelligent and I am moved by the true conviction of this sister.

As always there are many other great blogs out there who deserve an accolade, but these stand out for me right now.

Thanks again to Marie and all the bloggers out there, keep sharing!!!


  1. Salaam sister, thank you so kindly for your award nomination. Although I do not participate in these tags, do to the nature of my blog being less about me and more about everythig else, I still do appreciate it :). May Allah reward your efforts too! Keep up the great work.

  2. You dislike shopping? :D This was interesting to read. I know what you mean about not liking when someone feels sorry for you. Empathy is better than sympathy :)

    And on behalf of the other aunties, Jazakillah khair for picking us!! That's very kind of you <3 I honestly didn't expect that!

  3. Little Auntie

    It's my pleasure, I really enjoy your blog, keep up the great work you guys are doing!

  4. Salaam alaikum my dear darling, thank you so much for this wonderful award, i really appreciate it and will post it on my blog soon, inshallah.

    Thank you for those kind words too:)

    love you tons

  5. Blue Pearl.

    It's my pleasure! Really do mean it. ;-)

  6. Thank you so much Zarina, your words are always simple and kind and goes straight to the heart.
    I am with you on shopping - I really don't like it at all. Obviously if I need something I have to, but I plan my trip and just go where I need to!

    Have a great week!! And take care of yourself.

  7. My Pleasure Marie, and thanks for the compliment. I know its sounds so strange for women to be saying they don't like shopping, but I really can't stand the whole thing, there's no meaning in it, it just seems so mechanical. Anyway, like you say, we go when we have to.

    Hope you have a great week too!

  8. I cannot post a comment on your latest post(it gives an error) so I am leaving a comment here. I really loved the words as they hold true in their meaning - great post! Mashallah - keep up the great work.

  9. Blue Pearl- Thanks for your comment, I really don't know what's going on with blogger, I also can't post comments on certain blogs for the same reason.

  10. Congratulations Zarina! The Shade of Islam and Dear Little Auntie blog looks interesting... I've already come across Blue Pearl's lovely blog,

  11. Maryam (Inspirational Quotes)

    Thank you! You have a lovely blog too Masha'Allah.