Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Women in Islam

The answer for the quiz question {Who was the first woman that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married after Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her) passed away?} is:

  • After the passing of Khadeejah (May Allah be pleased with her), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)suffered from sorrow.
  • A woman by the name of Khawlah (May Allah be pleased with her), who was one of the female Companions noticed these signs of sorrow in the Prophet (PBUH) and suggested marriage to him.
  • Two women were mentioned by Khawlah- Sawdah and A’isha (May Allah be pleased with them).
  • The Prophet (PBUH) married Sawdah first.
  • Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her) was a widow and when she married the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) she started taking care of his 2 daughters, Umm Kulthoom and Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with them) and she started running the affairs of the household of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • She had a clean heart and was one of the truthful believers.
  • She was amiable and humorous, dispelling the Prophet’s (PBUH) worries with her light joking.
  • Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her) felt honoured to be one of the “Mothers of the Faithful” and she sought nothing besides that.
  • Later on she voluntarily gave up the day and night which by rights the Prophet (PBUH) would spend in her company, to her co-wife, A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her).
  • A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her, described Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her) as “a pious worshiper and a generous giver of charity.” 

There are so many lessons for us to learn from these Great Women in Islam. Let us consider the unselfishness and purity of heart displayed by Sawdah (May Allah be pleased with her). Furthermore, she was content with her life and strived to make those around her happy. Masha'Allah, May Allah Almighty help us all to become more like these amazing women, Ameen!

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  1. Ameen.

    JazakAllah khair for this reminder and also for the download link of the free Islamic books. I found some great books at the site, a treasure alhamdulillah.

    Your Brother in Islam,

    Ibn Hanif

    (Makkah al Mukarramah)

  2. Dear Brother ibn Hanif

    Jazakallah Khayr for your comment, Masha-Allah we have such wonderful examples in Islamic history and we really need to remember these amazing people so that we can become better people, Inshaa-Allah

    Alhamdullillah, I am glad you found the link to be useful, there are a lot of great books to download from the site.

  3. I am glad to read another post on another special woman. It helps me a lot Zarina to forget about myself sometime and concentrate on others, to share more of the love God has given me.
    Hope you are doing well, stay blessed and take care

  4. Marie, you're so right, focusing on others helps us to be better people.It also reminds us that everyone has certain trials to deal with, but the way in which we deal with it determines the people we are, our characters and our strength and ultimately the way in which we deal with trials will be remembered.

    May God always keep you loving and caring.

    I am well (with the Grace and Mercy of Almighty Allah), I've just been a bit busy with work so I haven't gotten a chance to do my usual 'blog browsing', thanks for asking!

    stay well always:-)

  5. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu! Thank you so much for sharing this information. These women are such wonderful role models, may we strive to be more like them.

    I hope you get some time to stop by my new blog: Inspirational Quotes Everyday.

    Are the books are Kalamullah written specifically for free use or are they also published an sold elsewhere? I've only been able to give it a quick look through, but it is a really good find!

    Stay well, stay blessed! xx :)

  6. Wa-alaykum salaam Dear Maryam

    Inshaa Allah I will stop by your new blog. Thanks for the reminder.

    I think that most of the books on Kalamullah have been published and sold elsewhere, I know I've seen many of them at bookstores. I think that this is a goodwill from authors who wish for their work to be more accessible to people. Alhamdullillah, may Allah Almighty reward them.

    You stay well too and may Allah shower His Peace and Blessings on you.