Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I guess change is inevitable

Depending on how we choose to see things, change can be either a positive or negative thing. Recently I have had to go through some changes in my life which I was not very willing to embrace at first. I have become comfortable with my life the way it is and the idea of things changing didn’t go down well at first. I made all types of excuses initially, but then at some point I realized that there was not much point in making excuses anymore, because we have to deal with change at some point, whether we like to or not.

The more I think of it, the more it seems that life is only about change. In fact, we may even describe life as a series of changes. We are born, and we spend the first few precious years of our lives being protected and nurtured by our parents and then that has to change when we go off to school. Going to school can be a scary and sad experience (my youngest sister will attest to this as she just hated school initially). But this is a change that we have to deal with. Then when we become comfortable in Primary School, when we finally feel happy and secure in our friendships, it’s time for another change and we have to go off to high school, or perhaps another primary school or maybe even another Town, or country.

After school more changes await us. We go off to University or to work, some of us get married. Whatever path we take, we have to go through changes in life. As we get older and progress through life, we will find that change is inevitable. There’s no getting away from it. Things cannot stay the same because without change there is no progression in life, and without progression in life we remain stagnant, and what is the point then, really, if we’re not learning and growing as we go through the wonderful journey of life?

I have found that the times we really don’t look forward to change are the times when we learn the most from the changes that we encounter. I read a quote somewhere; it said that “CHANGE BRINGS LIFE”. I always remember this, especially when I am not looking forward to change.

So truly I guess change is inevitable, but no matter what the change is, it has to be good for us in terms of growing to become stronger and better people. So perhaps the better thing to do would be to embrace change instead of run away from it, accept and appreciate change instead of moan about it and regard change as an opportunity to grow and a means to become a better person.

At this point I am recalling a verse from the Holy Qur’aan in which Allah (swt) states that no soul will be given a burden which he is unable to bear. SubhanAllah, Allah is indeed the Most Merciful and this assures us that no matter what the changes are that we have to go through in life, if we rely on Allah Almighty then certainly we will be able to bear all the changes that come our way. Inshaa Allah Ameen!

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  1. Change is what make our life journey an interesting one, you're right Zarina.
    All changes should be welcome with Joy. But at the same time changes mean things will be different and it can be scary.
    But now that I have found the verse you mention in the Qur'an, I see things differently and it helped me a lot to accept changes with peace, that before I would have enter full of fear.

    I am sure these life changes are the best ones for you. Wishing you all the best.
    Take care. xx

  2. Dear Marie, thanks for your comment once again. You're right, remembering that verse of the Quraan makes it easier to accept things in our lives, that would otherwise be extremely difficult, All Praise is due to Allah!

    As always, we are reluctant to accept change, only to find out later that it really is not such a big deal at all.

    Stay well;-}

  3. You are right sister, change is something that is not something you welcome with open arms, I am petrified of change

  4. Nammi- it's true sister, change can be very scary, but we can only put our trust in Allah, Alhamdullillah.