Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Women in Islam

The answer for this weeks quiz question (What was the name of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who advised him on what to do when the Muslims wanted to perform umrah and they were not allowed to do this?) is:

  • She accepted Islam from the beginning
  • She married Abdullah-bin-Asad (May Allah be pleased with him) who was a Companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and immigrated to Abyssinia due to the persecution of the Qureysh Tribe.
  • They had a son named Salama. (Thus the origin of her name Umme Salama (mother of Salama).
  • While in Abyssinia they heard false news that the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) had made peace with the Qureysh, so they returned to Mecca and were captured and thus separated. Her husband tried to run away with them, but Salma’s family refused and detained her. They had mounted their camels but she was forced off, thus resulting in Abdullah having to leave behind his family.
  • Once Abdullah’s family had heard this news they laid claim to Salma’s son and he too was taken away and separated leaving her completely alone.
  • Due to her grief and devastation she used to weep bitterly, run into the forest to cry. At seeing this, her family had pity on her and released her and allowed her to leave Mecca and rejoin her husband and son.
  • When she was re-united with her family, the bond was very strong.
  • She asked Abdullah one day if he would re-marry if she died. His duaa (prayer) was that she gets better than him if he dies.
  • 2 daughters were born to her later on- Dara and Zainub.
  • Her husband, Abdullah fought in the Battle’s of Badr and Uhud and he passed away of an open war wound.
  • Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) proposed to her and she refused.
  • When the Prophet (PBUH) proposed she accepted and thus her husband Abdullah’s duaa was accepted as she got to marry someone much better than him.
  • While the Muslims were staying in Medina, the Prophet (PBUH) decided to make umrah (short pilgrimage) to Mecca.
  • The Muslims were refused entry into Mecca on arrival and they were very disappointed about this.
  • When the Prophet (PBUH) asked the Muslims to slaughter the animals and remove their ihram (clothing worn especially for pilgrimage) they didn’t want to do this because this usually marks the end of pilgrimage and they hadn’t performed it. They were still adamant that they wanted to go ahead with the umrah.
  • Salma (May Allah be pleased with her) advised the Prophet (PBUH) to remove his ihram and slaughter his animals because she knew that when the Companions saw the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) do this then they would follow.
  • Her advice was taken and the outcome was as she said.
  • Salma(May Allah be pleased with her) always paid attention to every word and advice of the Prophet (PBUH) and she passed it on.
  • She is Noted as having told 378 Ahadith (teachings/ sayings of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • She died at the age of 84-last to die amongst all the wives of the Beloved Prophet (PBUH).
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  1. Jazakillah sis! Always great to read about the Mothers of the Believers.

    I really like this idea of yours. I know I don't comment but I have been following along :)

  2. Thank you little auntie. Thanks for your comment although You really don't need to comment. Alhamdullillah I am just happy that people find this helpful and I hope inshaa Allah that they find some inspiration from our beautiful Mothers in Islam.

  3. Assalamualaikum Zarina,

    I have heard about Umme Salama, about her husband death and that she finally married Rasullullah...but you have written it in more detail...Jazakallah...May Allah bless your effort...Ameen.

  4. Black Jubah-
    Alhamdullillah that you have found this to be useful. Jazakallah Khayr for your duaa, may Allah accept it for us all inshaa Allah Ameen!

  5. Another inspiring testimony. I am so delighted to know more about these amazing women with every new post you are writing Zarina.
    Thanks again and in the meantime stay well.

  6. My pleasure Marie, I am honoured and humbled to write about the lives of these amazing women.

    You stay well too!