Sunday, August 1, 2010

If we could only follow the example of the Ansaar

The other night my family and I were having a discussion about the relationship between the Ansaar (People of Madinah) and the Muhaajireen (Muslims from Makkah who migrated to Madinah) in the time of the Prophet (SAW). My father mentioned something so relevant. He said that the example of the Ansaar is amazing, imagine people giving up half of what they had for their fellow brothers so easily. Half of what they had for people that they didn’t even know, people that they had just met! Subhanallah! Here we are in today’s time and we can’t even share our country with our fellow human beings from neighbouring countries because we’re too afraid that they’re taking our jobs, or our living place and so forth.

This was in reference to the recent news headlines here in South Africa. A really strange thing happened, the Soccer World Cup was hosted in South Africa this year as I’m sure you all know, and everything was great. Then just after the world cup, news begins to spread about xenophobic attacks. A few years ago there were terrible attacks on foreigners from neighbouring African countries like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Nigeria....countries in disarray. Local South African’s burnt their shops down, protested and drove foreigners out of their homes claiming that they are stealing resources, jobs and homes that are needed by South Africans. Obviously this comes from somewhere, and there’s no doubt that people are frustrated with poor living conditions that are not improving, but can you imagine how wonderful things would be if we were to adopt the example of the Ansaar towards the Muhaajireen.

This year it was reported that foreigners in South Africa were not willing to risk being attacked again so many of them packed up and left the country to go back to their home countries where they are offered no hope or solace. This was extremely saddening and it was disturbing to think that human beings could behave so negatively towards each other. Two things convinced me that the only hope for humanity is Islam.

I was performing salaah when a sister came to perform her prayers next to me. She was a foreigner, and at the time when the country is abound with discussions of xenophobia, this sister seemed so at peace, like she didn’t have a care in the world, sitting there performing her prayers, it was clear that she had a right to that space, just like everyone else. That reminded me that Islam does not have any barriers. In Islam we shouldn’t care about what country someone comes from and if we understand Islam, we won’t even think that they’re taking out jobs or living place, because we’ll understand that everything a person gets is willed by Allah. If we truly understand Islam then we will give more than we take and we will always think of others before we consider ourselves.

The second thing that reminded me that Islam has the perfect system, not only religiously, but socially as well, was a truck, parked outside a Masjid, filled with belongings of foreigners. I don’t know what the plan was for the truck, but it reminded me that the Masjid should be a place of refuge for all Muslims, and this once again shed light on the true teachings of Islam.

I sometimes wonder what things would be like if the whole world were Muslims who followed the teachings of Islam strictly. I think it would have been wonderful. I think that people would feel safe with one another and they would not have to fear for their lives or the lives of their family members. I think that everyone would be willing to share, like the Ansaar of Madinah did. I think it would have been wonderful. But Allah (SWT) in Allah’s infinite wisdom knows best and all I can do is try my hardest to practice the great examples of truly amazing and unselfish people, and in this I hope that maybe someone will understand the truth about Islam, because it really is something to marvel about.

May Allah (SWT) help us to become unselfish and generous in all ways. May Allah (SWT) also ease the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters who have to suffer difficulty after difficulty, moving around the world just to find some peace and make a decent living!

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  1. Salaam alaikum dear one, Just dropping by to say رمضان كريم, May Allah make your fasts the fasts of those who fast sincerely, Inshallah. Barakallah feek

    Hope to see you in JHB when I am there for Eid, Inshallah

  2. Was-salaam, how are you doing, Thanks for the Ramadaan wishes, Ramadaan Kareem to you too, May Allah give you full blessings of the month.

    :( If all goes well I will not be in Johannesburg for Eid, Insha'Allah have plans to spend the end of Ramadaan in Madinah and Makkah for umrah :), please remember me in your duaas!

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  4. Dear Anonymous

    If you're going to put your negative and one-sided comments on my blog then at least please have the decency and the guts to put your name with it, afterall if you're not willing to stand by your ideas and beliefs openly then I wonder how much conviction you really have in what you're saying.

    Also, could you please refrain from using vulgar and disrespectful language, when people of intellect and reason come together to discuss important issues, they do it in a respectful manner.

    Now, to respond to your comment. It is clear that you have not properly researched the religion of Islam and indeed the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and it seems that you have decided to jump on the bandwagon and simply accept the biased comments sold by mass media and those who wish to discredit Islam. If you were to do a proper study of this you would most definitely begin to see things differently, as has happened to many people in the past. However, if you continue to remain stuck with biased and one-sided viewpoints then you will remain blind to the truth and you will continue to harbour anger, resentment and hatred, without even knowing and understanding all the facts.

    What you are using is an age old argument used by people to demean the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him) and certainly we have all heard this one before. It’s just surprising that people with the ability to think for themselves are still going on about something without even bothering to find out the truth.

    My advice to you is that instead of filling yourself with so much anger and hatred, and instead of wasting your time posting such vile comments on people’s blogs , take that time to research the truth instead of simply just reiterating age old arguments. Those of us who have being blessed and honoured to know the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for the great man that he was will not be perturbed by these erroneous accounts of his life because nothing can deter people from the truth once they have being guided by the ultimate Creator.

    May God Most High open your eyes to this truth! I must remind you that even the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) could not find fault with his character and he was known by all, Muslim and non-Muslim to be truthful and trustworthy. When you do your proper research you will find this out. What do people do when they cannot find fault with someone’s character?
    They try and discredit that person in other ways so that people will lose focus of the truth. Do not remain deceived, find out the truth for yourself!

  5. Salam, sis Zarina

    Many people out there are highly educated, yet could not make sense of what they heard or listened from the mass media. This type of people simply swallow whatever is given to them. Intelligent, yet dumb and arrogant and most important of all, ignorant as well.

    Be patient when we face such ignorant people like this. I like and support your reply to this person who did not even dare put his/her name to represent him/herself. Too bad!

    Da'wah in Islam will always face challenges. You dealt with yours nicely, alhamdulillah. I am happy for you. Take care, sis.

  6. Was-salaam Sister Ati

    Great to hear from you as always. Thank you for your encouragement, it is very reassuring.

    Sometimes people think that they are fighting for a just cause when actually their facts are all mixed up, you are right many people choose to remain ignorant and believe only what they are told and sometimes people dont want to open their minds up, but Allah guides whom He wills.

    Stay well sister, best of wishes for the month of Ramadaan, may all your efforts be accepted!