Friday, August 6, 2010


Every day I see self-degradation,
Disguised as liberation,
People boldly displaying their bodies,
Sometimes to the extent of complete nakedness.

False beliefs of freedom,
People disiullusioned and deceived,
They look at us and they condemn,
Yet real truth and purity they have not perceived.

It seems to me that they’re the ones who are truly trapped,
I wonder if they have self-respect,
Deceived into believing in individual free will,
Yet dominated and driven in ways so subtle.

I’ll rather cover myself and maintain respect,
I do not ever want to be like them,
Let them look at us and dissect,
Trying to find ways to criticise and condemn.

Islam is my religion, my life,
It will never degrade me, it will only uplift,
Deception and illusion is clearly rife,
But Islam will continue to keep us adrift!


  1. As-salaams Bubbli, hope that you are doing well- Yes I did write this, sometimes get really irritated with the double standards and false ideas of freedom. All the best for Ramadaan

  2. Assalamualaikum, sis Zarina...

    Alhamdulillah, that's the spirit of a true muslimah you have there. May Allah protect you always.

    We have too many people walking on the street parading their naked bodies everywhere shamelessly. May Allah give them hidayah and show them the right path, Insya-Allah.

    Wishing you a fruitful Ramadhan this year, sis. Take care & smile always! Lots of hugs for you.


  3. As-salaams sister Ati

    Always great to hear from you:) Thanks for your lovely comments, may Allah accept all your prayers.

    Ramadaan Kareem to you and I hope that you are granted all the good of this month and may Allah (SWT) shower you and your family with His Blessings, Forgiveness and mercy, Insha'Allah!

    Stay well sister