Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Announcement- Hijab Diaries Blog

Please read the post below!!! This is going to be great insha'Allah!!!
Sister's you have to particpate in this! Brothers, you can encourage the ladies in your life to share their stories.

Asalaam wa Alaykum

Sisters, every girl or woman, no matter what your status is, when you decide to wear Hijab or progress to a stage of higher Hijab, the decision is not always as simple as should be. Yes, it is part of our Islam to adorn the Hijab, but many of us, especially those of us who live in the Western world, do not wear any form of Hijab. No judgement on any person, Allah is the judge and we should support each other and guide and teach one another to become better people.

To think back, there were always a lot of questions I had, and always thoughts of doing the right thing followed by my whims to not give up my so called “Freedom”. But once I came back from Umrah Allah shukr, everything became really simple, but I kid you not, I still had a fight ahead of me. There were days of frustration, that I felt that my face looked a little fatter, or that my scarf made me look really clumsy and that it did not blend in really well with my different environments.

What really helped was talking to other ladies, those who already adorn the Hijab and those who were thinking of doing it. Together we shared our experiences, triumphs and glory days, there were also the bad days, which get even lesser as the days go by and you get stronger. That’s when the fun kicks in, it’s amazing, and yes Hijab can be fun.

Appreciating the journey of wearing hijab made me want to do something where other sisters could also begin to appreciate their own journeys. After much pondering , Allah (SWT) guided me towards a fellow Muslim sister and together we came up with this fantastic idea about a blog called, “Hijab Diaries”, where you can tell us about your experiences, share or ask for advice, and this is especially wonderful for our youth, and to promote Hijab amongst them.

So here you go sisters please take advantage of this blog, it’s your platform and opportunity to be heard and to help others in need.

Sister’s each one of us has our own “hijab story” to tell, how we came to wear hijab, what motivated us, what it was like, how people reacted to us and so on and so forth. This is the place for you to share that story. Please send your stories to and insha’Allah we will post it on the blog. You can follow the link below to get to the blog:

This blog is for all Muslim sisters, it is all of ours so we would love to see many stories posted.

So off you go and start writing your story, and we will do the same!

By Zeenat Sirkhot in association with Zarina Hassem


  1. gonna share the link of that Blog with my sisters in islam in my contact list .

    jazakum allah khayran

    Fi aman allah

    Yassin shalaby

  2. Asalaamualaikum Shukr for giving Musim women a platform to speak out about their hijab particularly in todays day and age where certain people and countries are trying to take away a fundamental part of being a Muslim woman.

  3. Wa-alaykumus salaam Aaliya

    Alhamdulila, All praise is due to Allah, we cannot do anything without Allah's guidance.

    In these times we as Muslim women should not be ashamed of out way of dress, Allah (SWT) has safeguarded us and shown us what true beauty is really about. As you've said, this is a indeed a fundamental part of being a Muslim woman.

    Why not send in your own hijab story and encouarge other Muslimah's to do the same, as Muslim women we have the ability to encourage one another and when the world is telling us to take off our hijab, we can remind each other of the beauty and importance of keeping it on.

    I hope you enjoy hijab diaries and would love to hear your story, every single story is important and can encourage a fello sister in many ways.

    May Allah be with you always