Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kindness to Women

                                “Be kind to your women,” did he (SAW) advise,
This uttered over and over, by the Prophet most wise,
In his (SAW) final words men were reminded,
And there is no one that surpassed him (SAW) in kindness!

Respect to the mother, three times was uttered,
Vulgar and harsh words to women he (SAW) never muttered,
Hitting and swearing did not even feature,
The best example we have, from Allah’s most beloved creature!

The status of women so quickly elevated,
Through the mercy of the One who Created.
With the simple and pure religion of Islam,
Women were protected from all harm.

Those daughters who used to be buried alive,
Became our great mothers,
For Islam only did they strive,
And the light from their lives has now spread to all quarters.

The Prophet (SAW) it was who consulted his wives,
Sharing all areas of their sacred lives,
He (SAW) listened to what that they had to say,
What wisdom there is in following his (SAW) way!

“Your wife is a mercy from Allah”,
These were the words of the wise Khalifa (Omar R.A.),
Who told men that wives were protection,
As they help to keep men away from sin.

So, respect and kindness to women is emphasized,
And the extent of their honour has many surprised,
For the truth of the matter is simply put,
Treat women with kindness if righteousness is your pursuit!

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  1. thanks (shoukran dear sister For that beautiful

    great post .

    jazaky allah khayran

  2. As-salaamu-alaykum

    I am glad that you like the post, thanks for showing interest in this blog. Please make duaa that Allah (SWT) guides me to put out the right message, Insha'Allah!