Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Dedication to Our Great Mother- Ayesha (May Allah Be Please with her)

She surpassed them all in knowledge,
What she learnt was not from any College.
She had the Best of Teachers,
The one favoured by Allah above all creatures.

Her knowledge was not restricted,
Religion, medicine, poetry, were some of her areas of expertise,
She had patience when afflicted,
When people slandered her she was given divine ease.

She was so ready to defend,
The religion of truth to the very end;
She could not be deterred,
Once her mind was made up, her conviction could not be stirred!

The epitome of bravery,
Very, very far from oppression and slavery;
She stood for honour and truth,
Always ready to cite what she knew of hadeeth.

She relayed what she had heard from the Prophet (SAW),
In plain and simple terms, without any effort;
Her memory was excellent,
And in faith and courage did she never wilt.

This headstrong lady is our legacy,
A true Mother of the Faithful Believers,
Her life goes down in history,
An excellent role model, one of the Best Achievers!

Her piety and fear of Allah was so strong,
Even though she hardly committed any wrong,
At times she wished that she was like a tree,
In Paradise she wanted to be!

She was afraid to account for her deeds,
Because she feared what would await her,
To Allah she was so near,
And yet she cried and worried about what her fate would be.

People spread many lies about her,
But we Muslims hold her very dear,
She was very beloved by the Prophet (SAW),
And all that they say is just truth distorted!

The truth of the matter is simple and clear,
Oh! If we could even come near,
If we were only a little bit like her,
We’d be filled with true beauty and honour!

Oh, Ayesha, May Allah be pleased with her,
Our beloved and dear mother,
Oh, faithful and honoured believer,
We will always remember your fervour!

Your example we will try hard to emulate,
We’ll teach it to our sisters and daughters,
We’ll completely ignore those who speculate,
And we will use your life story to enlighten ours!

May Allah (SWT) guide us all on our journey of life and make it easy for us to practise the example of this beautiful lady, Insha’Allah Ameen!


  1. mashaallah so beautiful dear sis in islam

    jazaky allah khayran

    Fi aman allah

  2. As-salaamu-alaykum

    Jazakallah Khair for your positive comments, it is very encouraging.