Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Most things in life are overrated

 Life has the ability to disappoint you. Sometimes you look forward to things, believing that it will be wonderful, just to be reminded that it wasn't such a big deal in the first place. This can apply to big things and small.

For a while I wanted to buy the new Magnum Black Espresso ice-cream. The adverts of it made it seem divine. The mouth-watering, rich ice-cream, with perfect coffee flavoured swirls covered in intense dark chocolate almost made me drool. Who wouldn't be attracted to such a pleasure?  So yesterday my sister decided to buy it for me (May Allah reward her), and I finally got to taste it. I’d be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it, but after a short while I came to this realization- MOST THINGS IN LIFE ARE HIGHLY OVERRATED!

The ice-cream was obviously not as enjoyable as it was made to look, and of course that should be expected since advertising is a huge industry and those people really do their jobs well. But this is a reminder to us all, the things of this world are all like that. It provides the promise of something wonderful, just for you to come to learn that in fact, it’s not that great after all.

Let’s look at bigger things, because deriving life lessons from a simple ice-cream may seem silly to some people.

What about something like marriage? We look forward to getting married with a firm belief that it will be perfect. We dream of having the best spouse and a life that will make others long to be us. Only to find that it’s more work than fun and the dream does not match the reality at all. Same thing with having children. It’s a pleasure and a blessing, but it’s no walk in the park and parents will tell you that their concerns, worries and work never end.

The same can apply to almost anything in life, anything material that is. The promises of joy when it comes to things in this world will always be overrated, but I think it has to be that way. How can we enjoy everlasting Paradise if we get satisfaction in this temporary world? How can we understand truth without first having lived through the illusion? This world is merely a preparation, and this means that everything in it is flawed, and so of course when we expect perfection from things in this imperfect world then we will end up feeling disappointed and perhaps even cheated.

But while most things in life are overrated, we can expect there to be the opposite of this and so Inshaa-Allah we will find that things of the hereafter will not be overrated at all. Yes, I know that I have not actually experienced the hereafter, but I have the promise of my Creator and that means that the descriptions of Paradise is not some truth laced with a whole load of illusion (as is the case in this world). When Allah Almighty tells us something, then we can be assured that it is pure and absolute truth, and so things will be exactly how they have been described to be. No misleading advertising, no glamorous ploys, no emotional manipulation, just the plain down truth, and we are told something to the effect that our expectations of Jannah (Paradise) will never be accurate, it will always be surpassed because we do not have the ability to comprehend things of the Hereafter. So Inshaa-Allah what we expect from Jannah will be much, much better than our expectations, and obviously then “overrated” will not even feature.

The lesson in short:
Things of this world will always continue to disappoint us but things of the Hereafter will be the opposite.


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  1. Maa shaa Allah, so true! Often we derive the most powerful life lessons from small things. :-)

  2. I feel it's in the simplicity of things that we understand great lessons of life. And your words definitely say this.
    I think we expect too much of people and experiences. Perfection can only be experienced in perfection and God is the only one to embody that perfection in our world. Therefore, we should accept that this life is only the first step towards everlasting Joy and Peace. We can't have it all here and we should always take things as they come and as they are, imperfect and limited. May God help us and bless our hearts with the promise of his Paradise.

    PS * I am reading your book and I like it very much Zarina. I'll write about it when I finish it.
    Take care and may God keep filling your heart with kindness and love.

  3. Anke

    Thank you for your comment, its true, the small things in life have the most to teach us if we only take heed. Hope you enjoy reading this blog;-)


    Thank you for your comment, about the post and the book. I am glad that you like it;-)
    May God accept all our prayers and grant us the ultimate truth which is the perfection of the Hereafter, and may God grant you even better than what you wish for me;-)

    1. Absolutely true,, most things are overrated especially if we considered that we sometimes have high expections on many thing..
      On the other hand,, I prefer to be like that rather than not having the excitement of trying new things or looking forward to new experiences :)

  4. Ibtisam

    Thanks for your comment, yes, you present the other side of this, if we don't try new things and experiences then how will we ever know what it's like. ;-)