Monday, November 4, 2013

A New Year Dawns- All The Best for 1435

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New Year Duaa (Prayer)

Oh Allah you are the EVER-LASTING, the ETERNAL, the FIRST, and your Magnificent great bounties and the nobility of your independent generosity. This new year has approached and I ask thee protection during the year from shaytaan and his friends and I ask thee assistance of this evil nafs (of mine) and assist me to do such actions that will bring me closer to thee, O the POSSESSOR OF GREATNESS AND HONOUR!

Whoever recites the above duaa at the beginning of the year, the shaytaan says:

“This person has safeguarded himself from me.”

Extracted from page 56 from the kitaab “Youm Aashoroli Or Uskaa Hookam” By Hazrat Moulana Ahmed Saeed Sahib Dahliwi (Rahmatullah Alay)


  1. Assalammualaikum Sister Zarina,

    Happy Maal Hijrah to you too.
    May our previous good deeds Allah accepts and forgave us on all wrong doings.
    And also on this year 1435H pray that it will be full of blessings and will make us Insha Allah be more motivated to do more good deeds. A Muslimah that can benefits others in some way or another.


  2. Wa-alaykum salaam dear sister Nur

    Ameen to your beautiful duaas, may Allah accept it for all of us Inshaa-Allah;-)