Monday, May 27, 2013

When Allah Almighty opens the way for you

Let me first begin by saying SubhanAllah, Allah Almighty is really generous and merciful and really knows what’s in everyone’s hearts and it is Allah who helps those who seek His help, and we just have to ask, and sometimes we don’t even have to ask or utter any words, but Allah gives us what is in our hearts, Glory be to Allah, Exalted is Allah and there can definitely not be any other Lord except the Creator and Knower of All Things, Allahu Akbar! (Allah is the Greatest)

A seemingly little thing happened today to remind me of Allah Almighty’s power and mercy. My mum and I were at the hospital waiting for my father who had to undergo an eye operation. While we were waiting the time for the Zuhr Prayer (mid-afternoon) set in. Since the time set out for the prayer is usually a couple of hours we decided that it would be best to wait because my father was in surgery and we needed to be there to see when they bring him out. We waited and waited, and of course as is the norm with such things we had no idea how much longer it would take and when we’d be able to leave to perform our prayers.

After a while of waiting we decided that we really needed to make a plan now and we began to feel edgy. My mother thought of going to the Doctor’s consulting rooms to ask them if they had a small place for us to pray, but as we were on our way there something made us stop to ask someone if there wasn’t a prayer room at the hospital. To our surprise she told us that there was a prayer room available and guess what it was right next door to the surgery my father was in! Alhamdullillah (Praise be to Allah) we had the chance to perform our prayers peacefully and comfortably with no hassles at all. Literally less than five minutes after we were done they wheeled my father out of surgery to the recovery room and we were right there to see that!

I know this may seem like a small thing, but we were so grateful to Allah for showering His mercy on us and making things easy. Things could have happened differently- we could have waited and waited and not got a chance to perform the zuhr prayer, or we could have been half way looking for a place to pray when my dad came out…anything could have happened differently, but it didn’t because Allah Almighty wished to give us ease and open the way for us, Indeed all I can say is SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah)!


It reminds me that everyday all we have to do before we leave our homes is ask Allah Almighty to give us ease and help us with all our affairs, and then even little things get sorted out, or big things become little things, and everything runs smoothly. All this is not our doing, we have no power and if we forget that we need Allah Almighty every second of every single day then everything can become very, very difficult.

There was something else I was thankful for today, and that was that I live in a country where there is freedom to practice religion, where a general hospital can set aside a special room for Muslims to pray. There are many places where this will not happen, so I guess that despite all the problems this country has, there are still good things about it and we have to be thankful for that!

So yeah, truly Allah Almighty can open the way for us in both big and small things, but we have to turn to Allah, Exalted is He and we have to ask and moreover we have to have faith and conviction that we will be listened to and we will be helped, and then Inshaa-Allah the way will be clear and things will be easy and even when it’s not easy, the difficulties will become easier to bear, because Allah Almighty does not forsake the ones who turn to him and in fact Allah Almighty says in the Glorious Quraan that if you come to me walking, I will come running, and something to the effect that if you take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you.

What more could we ask for? What more do we need? Indeed Allah Almighty is sufficient for us and sufficient for all of our needs! May Allah guide us and make us of those who are always grateful, Inshaa-Allah!
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  1. I know what you mean. :) Sometimes very small incidents like these happen to remind us that everything will work out when you make God your priority.

  2. I hope your father's surgery went okay and he is better now!

  3. Assamualaikum Dear Sister Zarina,
    Nice to be able to read your post again.
    Hope you and family are fine.
    I agreed with what you had said. I too on many occasions faced problems which sometimes I just don't know how to solve it. But Allah knows his servant and alhamdullilah always there's helping hands or solutions which Allah had send for me. I think if we are truly sincere in our faith and practicing Islam and always find ways to improve ourselves to gain Allah blessings there is surely a way out to every problems insha Allah.