Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sometimes you wonder…

Sometimes you wonder what the purpose of doing things is. Take blogging for instance, I started doing this because I wanted to be able to share my “voice” and experiences as a Muslim woman. I was tired of people speaking on behalf of me and thought that maybe, just maybe I could manage to positively influence someone and make them understand the truth about things. But sometimes, I wonder if my writing even makes a difference or if I’m just wasting my time. I guess these thoughts are normal, human beings are prone to self-doubt at times, aren’t we?
And then of course at times like those we need reminders. Reminders that it’s the small things that count and that you don’t have to do big things to make a difference. Reminders that it’s not who listens to you that matters, but the fact that you’ve taken the effort to ‘speak’. Reminders that all of your actions are being recorded and that the One Creator sees and knows all you do.
Recently I got my reminder about blogging through a post written by a new blogger, an intelligent and talented young women (Masha’Allah- you can read her post here). In her very first blog post she speaks not only about our purpose on this earth but also about making use of our abilities to do good and basically to be better than what we think we can be. So although I’ve read many things similar to this before, this post somehow stayed with me, renewing my vigour and purpose for blogging, reminding me that an intention to do things to earn the pleasure of Allah is something that is important and it needs to be carried through with until Allah wills differently. It also reminded me that while we all start out full of enthusiasm and energy, we somehow tend to lose that along the way, but we should constantly renew our enthusiasm and energy, just like we constantly need to renew our enthusiasm for many things in life. It’s not difficult to renew your energy when you believe that what you are doing is for a good cause, but all this needs to be reminded to us, because being the weak human beings that we are, we tend to forget or overlook our purpose many times along the path.  I guess this reminder came at the right time and in the right manner, and you never know whose words will inspire you.
There are many other amazing women whose words have influenced me in different ways. Now that I think of it actually on a weekly, if not daily basis when I click on the various blogs I follow I’m almost certain to find some uplifting words, words that motivate me, and words that teach me something new about different people, different places and the way the world works in general.
I guess that positive words written will always linger on and even if it impacts on someone for a short while, the point is that if these words were not written then there would be no impact at all, and no impact or no influence is worse than even the smallest positive impact or influence.
Sometimes you wonder; I guess that’s a given in this life, but I am thankful that I manage to get my reminders and my answers whenever I do wonder, and I guess Allah Almighty has different ways of getting messages through to us, and Allah Almighty uses different people for this purpose.
May Allah guide us all and inspire us to always write words that will be a means of positivity!


  1. Ameen!
    I'm glad I could be your inspiration as you are mine. JazakAllah once again for the kind words :)

  2. Fatima

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts soon.

    Take care

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum Zarina, thank you once again for an inspiring post. Every word resonates with me...I've been "off" blogging for a while and just recently taken to posting these are timely reminders for me too. Not just about blogging, but for life in general too.

    Thank you also for directing me to sister Fatima's blog...will go over there and be inspired by her too :)

    Fi amanillah

  4. That's so true Zarina - Your post is a good one for me. I wonder quite often "what is the purpose of me doing this or that?"

    Some words stay with us forever - we all have something to say, to share. And if it touches only one heart, it still means somthing.

    Take care dear.

  5. Washi

    JazakAllah Khayr, I am glad you found some inspiration, means a lot, I've been enjoying your posts about your Hajj trip, its taken me down memory lane as well, so yeah you should keep sharing your experiences because it definitely is beneficial.

    Hope you enjoy Fatima's blog as well.

    Stay well and may Allah Almighty keep you in peace

  6. Marie

    I hope that you are doing well, yes I guess we never know whose heart our words have touched, and the world needs more positivity so we should indeed continue to share whatever we can.

    Stay well and may God give you peace and positivity always

  7. Assalamullaikum Sister Zarina,

    Its always nice to read Muslimah blog from around the world. Every knowledge and experience shared sometimes do benefit us one way or another. Especially those with motivation and encouragement for us to change to be a better person Insha Allah.


  8. Wa alaykum salaam dear sister Nur

    Thank you so much for your comment, we can only pray that Allah Almighty accepts all our efforts, Inshaa-Allah.

    Stay well and in peace always