Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Hair Days

So the other day while I was brushing out my hair I suddenly realised that since wearing hijab I have far more “good hair days” than “bad hair days”. It just somehow seems that things have become easier. Seriously, no more need for hair sprays and gels to help get the perfect look for my hair (which never seemed to be perfect in any case), no unnatural straightening of my hair to fit in with the latest craze. No more wasted time worrying that the cold weather is going to frizz my hair. It’s been longer than 10 years that I am wearing hijab (Alhamdullillah), but I still remember the days when my hair would look like I just emerged from some sort of battle or something. Windy days would make it go crazy and out of hand, cold days would make it frizz, warm days would make it look too flat and dull, and the perfect look, well that always seemed so unattainable. I remember feeling that the latest hair style didn’t suit me, despite me trying for hours to get it right. Gosh, recalling all of that makes me sigh with relief!

The purpose of hijab is to protect a woman and to preserve her beauty; I guess I never really took it literally before. It seems that since wearing hijab, my hair is also being protected. It just seems so much easier to handle now, and now that it’s not exposed to the harsh elements of the weather, and all the unnatural styling products, it looks so much better than it ever did, and I don’t end up looking like a crazy woman with wild hair.

I know that most women enjoy trying out different hairstyles and they see this as fun, but I feel that experimenting with different hijab’s is just as fun, and so much less effort. Besides, women don’t have to feel like there’s something wrong with their hair just because it doesn’t look like the perfect model type hair, and this allows them to feel grateful for what they have.

So yeah, my hijab days are definitely good hair days and when I want to expose my hair to the people who are allowed to see it, then I don’t have to feel like my hair just always seems to be a big mess. I guess there’s far more benefits in hijab than we will ever be able to comprehend, practical as well as spiritual! And Allah The Almighty always knows best!

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  1. I never thought about it that way=)
    I thought it was easier to get ready in the morning when I didn't wear hijab..

  2. As-salaamu-alaykum sister Rukhpar, I hope that you are doing well:) Thanks for your comment, I guess its a personal experience for everyone, I just find that wearing hijab has made things so much easier for me, its sort of become a habit now and I find it easy to get ready, but it would be different for every woman I'm sure:):):)

  3. That is a very positive way to think, mashallah. I just started wearing hijab, so I am still struggling a bit with it...and it's funny but since I put on hair is been much more cooperative..but then I think, "aww man, why couldn't it be this nice before?" LOL. Alhamdulillah..May Allah reward us for our efforts. Ameen.

  4. :)I know what you mean, but maybe thats also a part of our test, I mean, if our hair didnt look nice we would be thinking that its better we wear hijab and then it wouldnt be a challenge and maybe we wouldnt be rewarded as much as Allah wishes to reward us. It is still quite strange though. Ameen! Insha'Allah we will all be rewarded for all our efforts, Allah is the Greatest and Knower of everything!