Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Book Review- Love & Happiness by Yasmin Mogahed

It always amazes me that so much meaning can be conveyed in the fewest of words. Sometimes we don’t need pages of words, because the right words can be so powerful. This was highlighted for me when I read Yasmin Mogahed’s latest book “Love & Happiness”.

In this book she shares some of her reflections about love, pain, loss and connection. The words are short and to the point, but laden with meaning to the extent that it left me in tears. It is said that books “speak to you” and this one has done just that. The words resonated with me and struck a chord.

Everyone goes through some sort of loss and difficulty in life and it’s not always easy to remain patient or to look at the bright side, but this book embraces the human emotions that people usually find so difficult to discuss. It not only embraces these emotions but celebrates it as being innately human. Thereafter it goes on to tell you that you have the ability to survive. “This too shall pass”, these words are reiterated in the book, reminding us that nothing is ever permanent and there is so much to look forward to. It encourages us to keep loving, despite the loss and it reminds us of real happiness, the type of happiness that comes with experience and maturity.

I loved everything about this book, the meaningful words, the beautiful images, the reminders and the deep self-reflection, but what I loved the most was the insistence on a sense of balance. We are reminded not to become consumed by any state we are in, whether that state is happiness or sadness. This reminder helps the reader to reflect on the true reality of this transient life and it guides towards the real happiness, the real love, the ever permanent bond between creation and our Creator. The way in which this is done is so natural and so profound. There are no judgements or harsh words, there are simply words of experience, of deep emotion, words that comfort the reader and allows us to accept our humanness.

The cover has been perfectly chosen to represent what the book is. A ray of hope, the sun shining through a forest of darkness and illuminating everything, making things clear and shedding light on the beauty that may have been forgotten or overlooked.

This book would make a great gift for anyone, but would be especially beneficial for those suffering loss or grief. I would definitely love to gift this book to a few people myself. The words are portrayed so perfectly in this book that nothing more needs to be uttered.

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  1. Hello, Zarina!
    The book sounds great.
    I wonder if they have it on audio for my car-rides to work?! x

  2. Hi Kim

    I hope that you are well. I have been quite absent from blogging. I'm sure you will love the book. I don't think they have an audio book available but let me know your thoughts if you do get a copy of it.

    All the best 🌹

  3. I am doing well with the mercy of God. Thanks for asking.

  4. I loved her first book - it changed many things in me, in my life.
    Looks like another one to have and read.
    Thanks for sharing Zarina. Hope you are doing well.
    Take care.

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