Saturday, December 31, 2016

A great effort -

I have just recently been introduced to

This is a website aimed at assisting people who would like to become Muslim but may be apprehensive for various reasons.

I would recommend this site for anyone, not only people interested in becoming Muslims. It is overall a resource to learn more about Islam and people's personal paths towards the religion. The site features videos on people's personal stories.

It's always insightful to learn other people's stories and its moving to hear about the different paths that lead people to Islam.

Inshaa- Allah (If Allah wills) I will be posting links to the new videos that they post every Saturday.

I hope that you enjoy watching these and I'm certain that we will all learn a lot from this.

I would just like to commend everyone involved in this effort for their hard work and dedication in assisting others. May Almighty Allah reward them all with the best.

The video for today will be posted soon.

All the best for the year ahead! May it be filled with goodness, peace and happiness.

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