Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The way of women today

Beautiful women, running after the wrong men,
Coaxed by words, uttered so easily and freely ,
meaningless words out in the open,
his exploits forgotten so neatly.  

Intelligent women, losing all reason,
drowning further and deeper in the illusion.
Wishing for things to change and get better,
Covering up faults and lies over and over.

Strong women, brought down so weak,
believeing the worst about themselves,
deceit and treachery they will overlook,
because love and approval is what they seek.

The price seems too high to pay,
Women are far more worthy than this,
Not there simply for amusement and play,
Surely not to be left to sink deep into an abyss.

She should be honoured and cared for,
Instead she is so harshly showed the door,
She gives all she can and more,
she should be loved, cherished and adored.

But the deception continues on and on,
And she is made to feel like she will never belong,
Hating everything about herself,
depending on him, holding on.

Used and abused, and even accused,
Her trust and honour so often misused.
All this for meager justification,
Do we really need a man to give us validation? 

How do we women become so easily fooled?
So easily swayed and beguiled.
How can we believe in empowerment?
Yet give up ourselves so easily.  

Sadly the years do not wisen us,
Examples of others go amiss,
Sweet words and promises are often enough,
Despite the rest of it being a bluff.

The price indeed seems too high,
Women were not created for this,
To be respected and honoured is not a far cry,
We should stop allowing ourselves to get lost!

I’m saddened by what I hear and see,
These women only pretend to be free,
Entrapped in the worst way they can be,
because their imprisonment they refuse to see.


  1. This is a beautiful poem Zarina. And I can't agree more with you. We talk a lot about empowerment these days and many women are still living in prison, pleasing men.
    I was one of them. I always thought, before, that I was free. Till I was not. Till I was just a puppet between his hands.

    I regain my power with every breath I take and if I feel like somebody is trying to change me, to play with me, I have enough confidence now to say "no more".

    It takes a lot of time to heal and to redefine who we are. But we can do it. I pray that all women be free and safe. For real.

    Take care and thank you for sharing your views on this delicate subject.

  2. Marie

    "I pray that all women be free and safe. For real." I echo your prayer!

    May God keep you and all women in peace;-)