Saturday, June 28, 2014

The wisdom behind different factors of Salaah (Prayer)- Final Part

The wisdom behind the prescribed order in Salaah

  •    The act of standing represents a high position of pride, and this was corrected by Ruku (bowing).
  •   Following the act of bowing, the order was given to stand again. This can be explained as follows:

o   When a person becomes proud or arrogant, Allah debases him, and for the one who humbles or debases himself, Allah raises his ranks.

  • When the  servant of Allah came to know this secret (mentioned in the above point), he assumed an even greater humility by going in to prostration (sajdah).

  •  On this act his respect was increased further in that he was allowed to sit in Allah’s presence. This is the sitting position between two prostrations.

  •  In recompense for the second prostration, he was blessed with a longer and relaxed duration of sitting in the Glorious court.

  • After this he is once again given a lofty rank by Allah when he stands up again.

The wisdom behind saying salaam (peace) at the end of the Salaah

  • The word “salam” indicates that the worshipper was not present here but had gone somewhere else.

  • Hence, as for a traveller, it became necessary for him to greet those present with Salaam.

  • It is written in the books of Fiqh (jurisprudence) that the Imam (one who leads the prayer) should make the intention to include in his greeting (salam) the followers, the angels and Allah’s pious servants,

  • The followers should make the intention of greeting their fellow worshippers sitting by them, the Imam, the angels, and the pious servants of Allah.

Source: My Salaat  by  Moulana Muhammad Idris Ansari, translated by Dr. Imtiaz Kamal Madani. 

I pray that Allah Almighty guides each of us to understand the beauty and wisdom of Salaah and to realize what a wonderful gift it is so that we come to appreciate and love it. 

Since it's the wonderful month of Ramadhaan, now would be the best time to start focusing on making our prayers better and more sincere. May Allah help me and everyone else to attain concentration in Salaah, to gain peace from it and to love it and may Allah, most Glorious accept all of our Salaah and all of our efforts. Inshaa-Allah Ameen!

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