Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tribute Awards- Voting is Now Open!!!

Here is the final list of blogs which have been nominated for the Tribute Awards.

The motivations received make all these blogs sound very interesting and it may be hard to decide which one to vote for.

In any case, I would like to thank everyone who has sent in nominations. I think it's great to see that people are actively getting involved in discussing important issues and bringing about awareness. May Allah Almighty accept all of our efforts and reward us accordingly.

Without further ado and before I bore people, here are the nominees for the Tribute Awards... 




Behind these Hazel Eyes

I nominate this fictional blog because it is aimed at youth at University and in that age group. The blog aims not only to entertain but also to raise issues often seen in the Muslim community. It has a discussion area where the readers are able to voice their opinions and possible solutions to the problems which occur in our everyday lives. 


conceitedvixen's Blog

I would like to Nominate Yasmin Sadar, her blog A life Voyage is inspiring, not just to Muslim women, but to all women, to take a stand and fight against domestic violence and abuse. 

Her blog is about her life story and how she maintained a facade of a happy marriage while dealing with a violent and abusive husband in the confines of her home. 

Her story will bring tears to your eyes as you go through the seven years of torture with her. Her will to empower women with tools to deal with these situations is amazing and inspiring.

Confessions in a nappy bag

Even though the story being told is entirely fictional, this blog has constant reminders of the type of Muslimah we should try to be. The challenges that we might face if not daily but at some points in our life and the message of being a strong Muslim is strong throughout.
It's a different and entertaining story that teaches patience, goodness and love for Allah even during the hardest of times.

Here’s what readers have to say;

“Exciting and sad read. Lots of life lessons about marriage and love for the Almighty.”

“Inspiring and spiritually uplifting, motivates you to always turn to the Almighty no matter how difficult a situation you are in. The twists and turns of life... And getting through it.

“It has been a great read thus far and the story brings to light many issues... A must read!

“I think this is a great blog with some amazing posts! Some really great food for thought!

Diary of a guji girl

I would like to nominate Sister Qaanitah Hunter for her inspiring blog. ‘Diary of a Guji Girl’.
Even though her posts might not come in, she tries to inspire and educate Muslim women, especially young Muslim women about many trials and tribulations that one goes through. Through her posts subjects such as dating, casual friendships between men and woman are highlighted and it really opens up one’s eyes about what is right and what is wrong. I truly hope and believe that inshaAllah many woman who find themselves at such crossroads will find and answer through her posts.

Not only does she highlight the issue of dating, but issues such as culture, cultural norms, and the old age idea that some races are better than others are discussed. This is done with the intention to "solve" these issues and practice what Islam teaches us, that one cannot judge another.

These are just a few examples of what her posts are about.

May Allah reward her for her work and always make it easy for her to educate and inspire others. ameen

Dodging Dad

This blog is a real life account, written in a humorous-serious story mode. There are some very important lessons that are wished to be conveyed and the aim is to bring awareness to others about issues that relate to many people.

The thing I like about this blog is that it emphasizes the strength of women, whether it does this intentionally or unintentionally is not certain, but it reminds us that a woman has a crucial role to play and that her reactions to things can change situations and relationships.

In Every Heart

Although this blog is new, the posts which have been written is deep and inspiring. The author talks about spiritual connection and a deeper purpose for living. This blog reminds us that our actions should be with the purpose of gaining the pleasure of Allah Almighty and it reminds us that we have the ability to better ourselves and become true role models for others.

In my own world

Blog author Fatima Haffejee discusses a variety of issues that relate directly and sometimes indirectly to South African Muslim women. Her writing style is quirky and interesting and her take on different issues is interesting. The constant addition of a variety of book reviews gives us motivation to read more, something which seems to be declining in today’s time. This blog is a good read and a worthwhile learning experience.

Me against society

‘Me against society’ is a fictional humorous blog aimed at the younger sisters. It details the life of a girl that does not want to get married. It is a deviation from the norm of what most young sisters covert. The main character portrays a strong, independent woman, who is not the typical fair thin and pretty girl. She is strong and motivated and most importantly she's a hijaabi. She stands for what she believes and is not influenced by others. The blog aims to show the young sisters that marriage is not the be all and end all and it is a pick me up for the sisters that want to get married yet cannot find suitable spouses.

My journey into the unknown

My journey into the unknown is a fictional blog about a woman who goes through trials and tribulations with her children. She details her life story and many women can relate to what she goes through. She mentions things such as divorce, death, Islam's wisdom behind why brother-in-law and sister-in-law should avoid each other, dressing modestly etc. 

Raeesa's Journey

A blog based on real-life events and experiences of a first year student at University. The purpose is to shed the reality behind campus. The author was writing for Seventeen Magazine South Africa about her experiences. She is currently doing Dentistry and wants to help young Muslimahs who are planning to enter the world of university. 

Rich Girlz Closet FS

Follow the life of a snobbish rich 16 year old girl that faces many true 
life obstacles. Teenage pregnancy, No Respect for her parents, Lies, 
Deceit, Understanding And Forgetting the Almighty.

Read our blog to learn that no matter how hard life is, if you remember 
Allah every step of the way, life could turn out the way you expect it to.
Our main aim is to get the youth to read our blog, we've created an 
exciting story along with the lessons so that youngsters would be 
interested in reading further. With the youth reading the blog they will 
understand that living the right way will always make you succeed but it 
also means if you do wrong it's not the end of the road.

Silent living

This blog is a true story with the true identity of the author withheld.

Author: “I have been through the rollercoaster of life and believe that much of my experiences, hardships, difficulties and trials could serve and many lessons to people of all ages and categories. All I want is for my blog to be read by more people every day so that hopefully it can make a difference to someone’s life out there. To know that many are suffering silently, and they are actually not alone!

This blog aims to teach the kids to be strong and know that they are appreciated for all the effort they make. To teach the youth that there's so much more to life than what we actually see before us, that the fun of this world is actually temporary and that our pasts haunt us for the rest of our teach the newlyweds to have patience as marriage is a bed of roses with many thorns in it. To teach mothers that their children’s future depends on the way they bring them up and to teach older woman that everything doesn't depend on tradition. Everybody’s different and nobody has the right to judge…


  1. Hmm its so hard to choose the best because I've read all the stories so far , and I enjoyed all. According to me all of you'll deserves to win but unfortunately there's only going to be one winner. So goodluck guys. :D

  2. Thank you Zarina. It's a pretty good list if blogs, a ggod chance for us to discover many interesting authors and stories too.
    Stay well and in peace.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes all the blogs are good and I'm hoping that this inspires them to keep writing to have a positive influence.


    I am glad that you find this useful, the aim is to get more people to read these blogs and to motivate the writers so I'm happy to read your comment.

    Stay well always

  4. Salam Zarina, it's been a while hasn't it. I see you are quite busy. Thank you for visiting and leaving a note. I am inspired to read these blogs when I get a chance, to see what they are all about.

    Love and Salams.

  5. Dear Salma


    Yes its true, its been a while, for some reason I didn't have your new blog saved, but in sha Allah I will be in touch more often now... Always enjoy reading your posts.

    I hope that you are doing well and wish you enjoy reading some of these blogs.

    Stay well always;-)


  6. I haven't read all the blogs but what I would like to say us that we have forgotten how treat others from different walks off life. Marriage should have been the best experience for husbands and wives. What we have forgotten is that we are Muslims first. In everything we do have we ever asked if our creator will be happy with us.

  7. Any idea what happen to the silent living blog ? Does anyone have the authors email add ?

    1. I am the author of silent blog has been deleted but I have started a new fictional blog in january..
      You can follow the story on