Saturday, September 7, 2013

The creation of ‘monsters’

Somehow the topic of ‘the veil’, just keeps coming up. The discussion of whether or not the veil should be banned has come up in Britain once again. Recently a young Muslim woman in France who wears niqab was assaulted by two men, just weeks earlier a pregnant Muslim woman in Sweden was attacked so badly that her head was bashed against a car. Women in Sweden were outraged, not only Muslim women showed solidarity, but non-Muslim women also decided to stand in solidarity for this cause.

I find it shocking that anyone could attack a woman like that. It’s really not normal to just decide to attack a woman who hasn’t even done any harm. But when I think about this issue in more depth, it makes a lot of sense.

You see, all the media hype about the veil has succeeded in turning covered Muslim women into monster type creatures. They have dehumanised women who wear the veil with all their talk of banning and liberation and what not and so instead of seeing a woman, with a life, feelings and choices, all people see are faceless beings who are going against the law and thus can be assaulted at will.

But, while women have been turned into ‘monsters’, all of this has also managed to somehow unleash hatred and aggression in people and they in turn have become ‘monster type’ people. Those who assault innocent women, who swear at women who have done nothing to them, who insult, curse and mock at women, simply because she’s chosen to cover her face, these people have displayed such negativity and aggression with the belief that they have a right to do so, and so we see that all the discussion, all the claims for liberation and freedom has once again resulted in Muslim women being the ones who end up suffering.

We need to question the world we live in when things like this happen. It seems that all the debating is useless when it comes down to what’s actually happening on a practical level. Clearly, the only thing that is happening from all this ‘discussion’ is that Muslim women are made even more voiceless and now to top it off, they are seen as less human than ever before.

If people want the world’s problems to be solved, they are first going to have to look deeply at the monsters they are creating in society, both physically and on an ideological level. Only once we remove all the stereotypes, all the negativity and all the false assertions, then only can we start looking at making changes that matter, until then, we will be faced with an increase of monster type behaviour, and while this thought is saddening, it is unfortunately, a reality.

May Almighty Allah save us all, protect us from harm and make it easy for all people to see the truth! Inshaa-Allah 

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  1. You are so right Zarina. But these days medias are sending so many wrong ideas on women wearing the veil, so many ideas which are creating hatred all around the world.
    I know it's disturbing for some people to see veiled women. But before judging them, we should go out and understand their choices better.

    It's true our societies are creating monsters. But these women are before anything else women and they should be respected for who they are. Unfortunately in France for example women in general are not respected.

    In my opinion societies have to change and people have to understand by themselves and not let people decide for them what they have to think.

    Take care dear and may God help all women around the world and mostly the ones who are discriminated at a religious level.

  2. Marie

    Thanks for your comment and I hope that you are doing well. Yes, the issue of respect for women is a big one, not only for Muslim women, but for all women, and choice, that's the thing, women should be given the choice to decide for themselves what they would like to wear. I do also think that this issue has really been taken out of proportion and definitely all the media hype has made it a much bigger deal than it should be. It's quite sad that some people seem to lack understanding, but like someone said the other day, an integrated society should be based on respecting peoples cultures and values and not changing them so that everyone is the same. Unfortunately some people will never understand this, but Allah knows best.

    Truly may God help everyone!