Friday, December 28, 2012

My Journey

Alhamdullillah, through the mercy of the Almighty Allah tonight I will be leaving to perform umrah Inshaa-Allah!
If you can please try and remember me and my family in your prayers. I am sure that I will have some very interesting experiences to share when I return Inshaa-Allah!
In the meantime, I wish you all a blessed year ahead, may Allah keep you and your families in peace!


  1. You must remember us blogger friends in your prayers!

  2. Salam Zarina,
    May Allah grant you with save journey and umrah. I had gone for haj some 20 years ago. Good memories still runs in me. I Too wish that some day I am able to perform umrah or haj again Inshaa-Allah. Pray for us too all Muslims for a better tomorrow. Thanks...

  3. Take care dear sis! Forgive me for all my wrong doing towards you, if there is any that I know not. You will always be in my prayer, insyaAllah.

  4. Salaam alaykum,


    Masha'Allah. i wish you a good umrah and insha'Allah a wonderful experience

  5. Dear Zarina,

    I will pray for you and your family. I am sure you will have a marvelous and blessed experience.
    Salam alaikum.

    x Salma

  6. May you have a peaceful trip my dear Zarina and a wonderful year ahead. May God be with you always and guide you on the road of life. Stay blessed.

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  8. Wa alaykum salam sister Zarina,

    I read this post with a huge smile on my happy that you have been granted this opportunity to make umrah Alhamdulillah! I pray that you are having a fulfilling journey inshaAllah...please remember me in your duas too.

    Fi amanillah

  9. As-salaamu alaykum

    Sisters thank you so much for all your good wishes, Alhamdullillah with the mercy of Allah I had a lovely umrah,it was so sad to leave Madinah and Makkah but I am fortunate that I had the chance to be there in the first place. Inshaa-Allah soon I will be posting about my trip!