Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Those who don’t value others

Today was a weird day. My purse got stolen from my bag while I was doing shopping. Here’s how it happened. I was in the store with some other ladies, I thought we were all shopping for clothing, but they were shopping for something else. I had an odd feeling, I have to admit, I felt crowded by these women, it seemed that wherever I went they went, but I didn’t want to be rude or suspicious so I just carried on doing my shopping. Then one lady came to ask me to help her find the right size clothing for her daughter. All the while I still didn’t know what they were up to, I mean I’m not in the habit of assuming the worse of people. Anyway, I don’t know when they took it but when I got to the till to pay my purse was gone! It’s a terrible feeling, the initial shock and confusion, but Alhamdullillah it does simmer down after a while.
Luckily my mother and sister were with me, we tried to search the centre to see if we could find something, but nothing. It’s the habit for people here to steal, take what they want and discard of the rest so we thought maybe we’d find something in the dustbin or something, but we didn’t. Allah knows best!
It seems like a loss to me and a gain for the thieves, but actually it’s the other way around. They are the real losers. I may have lost some worldly things, but they are going to have to answer for it one day when they stand in front of their Creator and mine and I really don’t know what they’ll say. It’s a case of selling eternity for a trivial and passing happiness, that’s the way I see it.
The worst thing about all this is that they have no value for other people at all, it’s like people mean nothing. For them all my personal belongings are useless, they’ll take my money and discard everything else, everything else is nothing to them, it’s probably laying a bin somewhere, yet it meant something to me and they don’t even care.  They couldn’t be bothered about what their actions mean for me. I honestly don’t know how people live with themselves.
But this is a small thing, it’s true, it doesn’t mean much. Inshaa’Allah I will get back what I lost and life will go on. What about the people who do things to others that will last forever? What about the people who devalue others so much that they are fine with hurting, abusing, raping and even killing another human being. How can people place so little value on people and their lives, and as I think this I am saddened, not because I lost my purse, nor because I was duped and neither because I was absolutely helpless to do anything about it, I am saddened that my fellow human beings have lost so much of their humanity that they hurt others without even feeling guilty about it.
I have forgiven the ladies who stole my purse because I know that Allah likes us to forgive others and because I know that this is what my Beloved Prophet (PBUH) would do, after all, he (pbuh) forgave people for doing way way way worse things than this! Despite this, my sadness lingers on. What has happened to people? You don’t have to answer that question, and once again Allah knows best.
From Allah do we come and to Allah do we return, may Allah make us patient with everything we find ourselves in and may Allah help people to become like human beings once again.
Someone once told me that human beings have the ability to be higher than angels and lower than animals. 
May Allah not lower us, may Allah guide and help us all! 
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  1. Oh I am so sorry this happened to you. I know it can be upsetting when you get tricked like this. I am always wary and keep my bag closed at all times as a precaution.

  2. Karima

    That's how things are, alhamdullillah it wasn't worse. The funny thing is my bag was closed, it has a zipper and was around my shoulder but these women are such experts and worked so quickly they opened the bag took the purse and closed the zipper again. I can tell you that this has made much wiser and Inshaa-Allah I will definitely learn to be more careful.

    Thank You for your concern

    Umm Mini

    Thank you for your message

  3. Wow - what a wonderful perspective on such a terrible event. I admire your ability to put this behind you and to forgive and forget.

    Well, I'm sure you haven't necessarily forgotten, since you said it's taught you to be more cautious. It's a shame that we can't trust our fellow neighbors.

  4. lonlon558

    It's true I don't think you forget such events, I think it helps in shaping who you are and how you interact with the world, and yes its such a pity when we are forced to re-evaluate who we can trust. It's actually quite sad because things like this makes you paranoid, but Allah knows best about everything and maybe we can find the balance between being cautious and trusting.

    Take care