Thursday, May 10, 2012

What will it be like on THAT DAY?

If you’ve been to the offices of the Revenue Services you’ll know that this is an ominous place. On Tuesday I had to go there, and while South African Revenue Services (SARS) offices are indeed gloomy, I’m sure that this is pretty much the same in all countries. You know how they always link death and taxes together, well, let’s just say that they may not be far off the mark with that one.

The place wasn’t so bad when I went there; it was full, but not crazy full so I guess that was a positive thing. Yet, as soon as I entered the place I knew that wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be. In truth it’s not very unlike any other government offices, whether it’s the home affairs office or the licensing department, it’s all somewhat the same. A confusing process, forms to fill out, long queues to wait in, and people working there, mechanically doing their work and all the while looking like they absolutely hate it. I guess it’s too much to expect to see a smiling face in a place like that, but I still can’t help thinking that it would be nice.

Nonetheless, as I nervously sat there and waited for my number to be called I wondered if this is what it would feel like on the day that is inevitable. On Judgement Day, will we all be sitting and waiting nervously for our names to be called so that we can undergo reckoning? Will we be anxious because we are not sure if we did everything correct or if we have all that we need? Will we dread the long wait ahead as we look at all the full chairs occupied with people who are, like us, awaiting their turn? If the SARS offices are that gloomy, can you even imagine what the Day of Reckoning will be like?

It’s been described in awful descriptions. People will be naked and drowning in their own sweat. Each person will only be concerned with themselves; even mothers won’t bother with their children.  We will all be so scared and worried while we anxiously wait for our turn to be called. But this decision will not be some silly little thing, like whether your taxes are in order or not. No, this decision will determine whether your deeds on this Earth are in order and here your eternal fate will be decided.  Truly, the doom and gloom, the fear, worry and anxiousness on that day cannot be imagined.

And yet, we are given hope, we are told what it will be like for those who believe in the Oneness of Allah and the Prophethood of Allah’s beloved, Muhammad (PBUH). If Allah is pleased with us, and if Allah accepts our deeds then we will not be boiling in the extreme heat, but sheltered by Allah’s shade, through His immense mercy. For those who Allah is pleased with, their reckoning will be easy and quick and they will not experience the fear and worry.  More importantly, for those who Allah is pleased with and Allah accepts as part of the community of Muhammad (PBUH) those people will not be alone, those people will have someone to turn to for help. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been given the gift of intercession for His community and so Inshaa-Allah on that day, he (PBUH) will be there, on Allah’s side, pleading with Allah to forgive his community and admit them to Paradise. SubhanAllah, May Allah shower peace and blessings on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Can you imagine this, although the comparison is bleak, it still helps to understand it like this. Say you’re sitting and waiting for your turn to be called while you’re waiting at the Revenue offices, and you are a little worried because you’re not sure if all your paperwork is order and if you’ve brought everything that was required. You look around and see the long waiting rows and see that your number is far off, so you know it’s going to be a long wait. Then, someone comes along and takes you by the hand and walks you to the teller and tells the people at the revenue office that they should please be merciful to you and help you. Then and there, your anxiety disappears because you know that you have someone to help you. There’s someone in that large, confusing place who will be able to help you. When everyone else is bothered with their own affairs only, that one person will be able to help others.

Again, let me reiterate that the Day of Judgement can never be compared to things on this earth, nor can Allah, or anything of the hereafter. We cannot imagine the unseen world so we cannot compare it, but this example is given here because our understanding at this point is limited to things on this Earth.

So let me get back to my point. On that Day when things seem terrible, our only hope will be the mercy of Allah and the intercession of Allah’s Beloved Muhammad (PBUHJ). If we know what’s best for us then we will turn only to those who can help us and not to others who are only concerned with their own interests. If we turn to Allah we will never be disappointed, if we follow the lifestyle and examples of Allah’s messenger, Muhammad (PBUH) then we will be counted as those who are in his community, and Inshaa-Allah then he will intercede for us and Inshaa-Allah then Allah Almighty will have mercy upon us.

The negative things in this world are a reminder for us, so we should take heed. If we dislike going to places like ominous government departments, how much will we dislike the Day of Judgement? Let us pray to Allah now to save us on that Day so that we do not experience the horrors of the day and Inshaa-Allah instead experience the pleasures.

May Allah guide us all, accept us all, forgive us all and have mercy on us all, and May Allah allow us the honour of being counted as those who make up the true community of Muhammad (PBUH).

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  2. jazakAllah for sharing, and like the picture. A Magistrate, Man, Teacher, Student, & A Bald Friend is what I been blogging about can you believe it..

  3. ireminisces

    JazakAllah for your comment. Well, now you have me interested in what you've been blogging about so insha-Allah I think I'll check your blog out to find out.

  4. What a brilliant way to describe things! I did have a laugh about the comparison!