Monday, February 20, 2012

Those terrible “Blue Days”

We all have “blue days”; those terrible days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning; when you feel like you will never be happy again and that life is just a huge mess. If you’ve never had one of those days then you are very fortunate or perhaps more appropriately I should say that you are unfortunate; but I doubt that there are many people who can say they’ve never had a “blue day”.

The reasons may differ, but somehow things always seem to have a way of working things out, or rather I should say that The Almighty Creator allows things to get better through His Infinite Mercy.

This weekend was a blue weekend for me. It all started on Friday when I had an argument with my mother over something very stupid. Of course the worst thing you can do is argue with your mother, it just always turns out bad and no matter which way you look at it, you’re never going to come out of there the winner. I think this is because of the high status that Allah has afforded mothers, or maybe it’s just because it’s useless arguing with the woman who gave birth to you, raised you and knows you better than anyone else ever will. And let me tell you that the saying; “mother always knows best” really is true. So anyway, I did the stupid thing and argued with my mother, which I regretted terribly afterwards, as can be expected; and this was the cause of my “Blue weekend”. It was all very unnecessary and easily avoidable if you ask me, but sometimes we need to learn things the hard way.

Alhamdullillah (All Praise is due to Allah) things are much better now. Did I mention that it’s also a mother’s nature to always forgive her children, well most mothers anyway! So today is a very happy Monday, because after a blue weekend you can’t have a blue Monday, not when things are looking much better.

Nevertheless I thought that this would be a good time to share something very valuable that I’ve learnt in one of our ladies workshops. So here goes.

There 5 Reasons why Allah gives us problems:

1.  To direct us towards Him.

2.  To inspect us.

3.  To correct us-with the lessons learnt through the pain and failures we experience.

4.  To protect us – from more serious harm because if we learn from our lessons and apply what we’ve learnt to our lives.

5.  To Perfect us- When we respond to difficulties correctly then this builds our character and helps us to be better people.

Isn’t this interesting? So in each situation we need to look at what the reason is for our difficulty and how we can use this to become better people. If we remain the same throughout our lives then we are not reaching our goals on this earth. We have to learn and grow from our mistakes so that we can become perfect people, and Inshaa-Allah (If Allah wills) then we will be able to stand up straight on the Day when we have to face our Creator and account for our deeds.

So what if we had no “blue days” at all; no difficulties, no challenges and no problems. What would life be like then? And what type of people would we be?  And if we don’t make mistakes then how will we know better the next time? Furthermore, if we don’t go through all these difficulties, confusion, misunderstandings and what not, then how will we come to understand ourselves and other people, how will we learn about life and most importantly, how will we learn about the Mercy and Beauty of Our Creator? And finally, if we have never learnt or experienced anything, then what will we have to share with others?

So yes, we all have “blue days”. Sometimes we have more “blue days” than any other colour day. Sometimes it seems that the “blue days” just won’t end. Whatever the case is though, we should know that it will pass at some time or the other, even if it takes years, but we should be happy knowing that Inshaa-Allah when it finally passes, then we would have become better people, people closer to the ideal of perfection.

Rumi Said something like the rock needs to be rubbed and polished until it can become the diamond. So even though the rubbing and polishing may seem harsh, the diamond cannot shine without it.

Let’s just hope that we are all able to turn our “blue days” into something valuable, so that rainbows of light can shine when we really need it to.

For all those who may be having “blue days”; I really do hope it passes soon!  
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  1. Lovely way to look at it!
    I get those blue days all the time -_-

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it Alhamdulillah. =)

  3. ...i loved reading this....ive had a lot of my own blue days, but after i feel greatful to Allah for giving me them...i always learn something & I'm better off in the end x x

    <3 x

  4. Jnana, HijabRockers, Farah Pop

    Thanks for the lovely comments, I'm glad you all enjoyed the post, it really does help when we understand the reasons for difficulties, and it does make us stronger and hopefully better people.

    Stay well and hope you all have wonderful days ahead.

  5. I am glad things are better now with your mum, you are right arguing with mums always leaves you in the blue.
    But thanks to God all these difficult times we are going through teach us a lot and help us to improve ourselves.
    I love your 5 reasons, very helpful when you experience one of these days.

    Thanks again for a wise sharing Zarina. Have a lovely evening!

  6. Marie

    Yes,I am thankful that things are sorted out too, it's really not worth it, I think you need to know when to be silent and when to argue and when your mother is concerned, it's always best to be silent. Nevertheless,like you say the difficult times do help us so I guess it's not entirely a waste.

    I love the 5 reasons too, it's very reassuring and makes the difficult times so much easier.

    You have a lovely evening too.