Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new opportunities

The diaries are full and the calendars have changed,
A new year has begun; new pages have been turned.
Can we remember all the past years lessons which we’ve learned?
As the new year dawns, which part of our lives will be better arranged.

The time goes by so very fast,
And before we know it, this year will also be a thing of the past,
So we need to do as much as we can,
All we need to do is make a plan.

The time seems so short for all that needs to be done,
There’s so much to learn and so much to do,
Wasted days can never be undone,
We have to pray that we can make a difference too.

It’s sad to see that for some people thing stay the same,
Year in and year out, there is no change,
Relentless work and play seems like fair game,
When we don’t take the time to learn and grow.

The biggest question we need to ask is this:
Am I doing enough for the world to come?
Will my condition be good or will it bad?
Will I be left, alone, doomed and sad?

Our Creator is Indeed the Most Merciful,
He has given us more time to be dutiful,
To Him should we direct our efforts,
This is the only way in which we will gain benefits.

May Allah Almighty give each one of us a wonderful year ahead. A year filled with blessings, peace and contentment; where we learn the most important lessons in life and strive to do deeds that will earn us Allah’s pleasure. Time is going very fast these days, and before we know it, the year will be progressing until its December once more. It’s no use making resolutions at the beginning of the year only to let our goals fizzle out and die. We should be making resolutions throughout the year, and in fact, throughout our lives. We should be striving to be better in all respects so that one day, when the inevitable happens and we have to stand before our Lord, at least maybe we will have something to show for our short time in this world.

May Allah Almighty give us the best, May He fulfil our needs, help us in our affairs, assist us to achieve our goals, and make it easy for us to make the best of our time. Inshaa-Allah Ameen!



  1. Ameen!
    Very true, striving towards improvement should be on-going

  2. Jnana

    Yeah, it definitely should be ongoing, what tends to happen most times is that when the new year comes people have great resolutions and then as time passes, all those resolutions seem to be forgotten, we don't really need a new year to decide to make changes in our lives, but since people are in that spirit, we should make duaa that we can stick to the good resolutions we make.

    All the best, hope you have a wonderful year!

  3. Have a blessed year ahead of you... :)

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  4. Asma

    Thank you and I hope that you have a blessed year as well.

  5. Ameen!

    We are still in the second month of Hijri year so certainly its new.

    I wish I could have learned at least the names of Islamic months but I haven't yet been able to memorize them, really. (I hope that I will learn soon if I lived long here in Saudia, I belong to Pak,Kashmir)

    Btw, everyone should say Ameen at your sweet prayers. Masha-Allah.

    May Allah increase your wisdom, ameen.

  6. Ibn Hanif

    Jazakallah Khayr brother, and Ameen to your prayers. Inshaa-Allah you will learn many things easily now that you are in the Blessed City of Makkah Mukarramah. May Allah make it easy for you to achieve Knowledge.

  7. "May Allah make it easy for you to achieve Knowledge." : This prayer brought me back on the blog.


  8. Dear sis,

    May all your wishes come true this year, InsyaAllah. I pray you become a better and stronger muslimah, ameen. Let's strive for His Jannah. :)

  9. Ati

    Ameen to all your prayers! Indeed, Jannah is the only thing worth striving for, May Allah give you a year of ease and joy Inshaa-Allah and may Allah give us all Jannat-ul Firdous.

    Stay well sis and all the best

  10. Ibn Hanif

    We must remember that Allah makes it easy for those people who strive to learn Knowledge of Deen. With the right intention Allah will help you in your quest for knowledge.