Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something worth emphasizing

As I drove past the shiny, two-door sports car, my first instinct was; “Wow! That’s a smart Car!” But then I took a closer look...

The car was so small that probably only two people could sit in it. There seemed to be no space for anything else. This was definitely not a car someone would take to go shopping or run everyday errands, it just didn’t seem suitable or practical for this at all. Then I realized that was the point. A car like this was not intended for doing the groceries or picking kids up or anything else to do with other people at all. A car like this can be termed “An Individualistic car”.

What is the point though, I wonder, of having something that drives extremely well, looks really good, has all the latest gadgets and features, if you can’t use it to benefit anyone else, except yourself. I know many people will disagree with me. These days I feel like all my ideas are old-fashioned, even archaic, but it just doesn’t seem like any fun to have something that you can’t share with others.

This goes for anything though, anything new, expensive and modern. Take someone’s house for instance. If you have a smart house, with all the latest modern furniture, glass doors, priceless ornaments, etc, then how can that be a home for anyone? You can’t really share that with others because if they come to your house they’ll be too afraid to even sit somewhere because everything looks like a catalogue showroom.

Sharing is supposed to be a fundamental aspect of society. We are not meant to live individualistic lives, we are meant to be individuals who are an important part of other groups. The family, community, society, all these groups are supposed to work together so that we have a world in which people help each other and take care of each other.

Today everything is in reverse, it’s abnormal. The emphasis is on an individualistic lifestyle, and because of this, people in our very own families, communities and societies are suffering. Because of this individualistic mindset, teenagers are getting involved in all types of vices, they’re taking drugs, drinking, clubbing, etc. because they have no support system. Because of this focus on individualism, parents don’t spend enough time with their children and children are left wondering where they fit in. In this individualistic society, your neighbours can be evicted right in front of you and you don’t do a thing to change things. Your family members may have to travel with public transport and walk very far and wait very long, while you drive around town in your shiny convertible.  Within this individualistic society, all we think about is ourselves, how we can better our own lives, and we hardly consider how we can better the lives of others.

It shouldn’t matter if you drive a run down, old car, as long as it gets you where you need to go. It shouldn’t matter if your house is plain and simple, as long as you have a comfortable place to live. It shouldn’t matter if you’re not wearing name branded clothing or the latest fashions, as long as you have clothing to cover your body. It shouldn’t matter if you don’t get to eat out every week, or if your meals are plain and simple, as long as you have food to eat. What should matter are all the people out there who don’t have food, homes, clothes or cars! What should matter are other people! We are not meant to live individualistic lifestyles,   we are all put on this earth together to help and support each other and we will all be answerable for what we do.

The world would be a better place if we all stood together and helped one another, if we shed our individualistic attitudes and stop obsessing about , “me,me,me”, and start thinking about others, that’s when the world will become a better place. Until then...well, it really doesn’t matter how much we think we are improving our own lives, if we only think about ourselves then all we are, are selfish individuals. We may have the smart car, the fancy house, the designer clothes and shoes, and the three course gourmet meals, but that’s all we have, and in the end that doesn’t count for much at all.  

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  1. Great, collectivism all the way!

  2. Jnana

    Thanks, a collective society is a healthier one. This doesnt mean that we deny individuality, it just means that people care about others as well.

  3. You are so right. This life is too short for it to be spent being so self serving. Our precious time could be spent serving Allah and all of His children.

  4. Little Auntie-
    Thanks, I always enjoy reading your blog, the advice you give is always so good, and its done with care and consideration. May Allah reward you, Inshaa-Allah.

    Thank you, I have to say that your blog is a good reminder for me, thanks for always posting on such important issues.

    seems your comment came through afterall;-) that's great. I agree with you, we don't realise how short life really is and how many people out there need help, and the sad thing is that most people only figure this out when its too late.

  5. I never understood the true purpose of cars like this, but its' me I don't like fancy cars. I think cars have been created as a mean of transport for people and it's what they should remain.
    Another interesting and great post! Thank you Zarina. Have a beautiful day.

  6. Marie

    I agree, although I have to admit that smart cars look good, I also think that it misses the point of just being a means of transport. The extravagance is unnecessary when you consider the actual purpose of a car. The same thing is true for man other things as well. I think we need to always re-focus on the purpose of things.

    Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you found this post interesting.

    You have a beautiful day too, and a wonderful week ahead.