Saturday, November 26, 2011

It’s a new year

No, it’s not January 01, but Alhamdullillah we are at the brink of the new Islamic year, moments away (depending on your time zone) from the Month of Muharram, 1433. That is 1433 year’s after hijrah (the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to Madinah from Makkah).

The month of Muharram is a blessed month; one of the special month’s in Islam. There are many virtues and blessings in this month, but the thing I like the most is the spirit of sharing. The 10th of Muharram is known as the Day of Ashura, and this is an extra special day. Amongst the many traditions on this day, is the tradition that if someone spends on their family members then they will be given far more back in return. So this is a beautiful time, a time when family ties should be strengthened, a time which reminds us of Allah Almighty’s mercy and we should be grateful.

Muslims don’t celebrate the new year by partying, instead we are encouraged to bring in the new year with fasting so that we can be in a pure spiritual state when the year begins. SubhanAllah.

So with the end of 1432 I have to say Alhamdullillah, I cannot deny all the blessings which Allah has bestowed on me this year and although I can never show full thanks, I am very grateful. As for the various trials, tests and difficulties, I can only pray that I somehow managed to pass these, and Allah is Indeed the Most Merciful of those who show Mercy.

 And with the approach of 1433 I pray that Allah gives us all the good of this coming year, and may it be a year which brings us closer to truth and closer to Allah Almighty. May Allah help us all to experience the true beauty of Islam, true connection with Allah, true brotherhood (and sisterhood), true peace and contentment.
May you all have a blessed and amazing 1433- Inshaa-Allah!

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  1. After the Maghrab prayer I saw a man looking at the sky. I followed his eye sight and found the the moon, Alhamdulillah! it was the moon of the 2nd night of Muharram 1433.

    Alhamdulillah !We have entered in a new year. I say Ameen on your prayers.

    And the following words which I heard from people here in Makkah:
    كل عام وانتم بخير

  2. Sister, Thank you so much for joining my blog on the newer URL.

    JazakAllahu Khair!

  3. Ibn Hanif

    Masha'Allah brother I like your blog, but I always try to post comments there and my comments can't go through. May Allah reward you for always spreading beneficial knowledge, Inshaa-Allah Ameen.