Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The horrible effects of alcohol

 It’s almost holiday season and I’m sure that many people can’t wait for the year to end so that they can go off and enjoy the year-end holidays. I’ve noticed something else that comes with the year-end though; it’s an increase in adverts warning people about abusing alcohol.

Even though warnings are increased around this time every year, every year the amount of people that die because of alcohol related accidents is enormous. Obviously the warnings do nothing but decorate the numerous billboards and street poles!

I don’t have to elaborate on the terrible effects of alcohol. We know this all too well- reckless driving is only one of them, there are of course many more!

The reason that I’ve decided to discuss “Drinking and Driving” is because recently I’ve been personally affected by this, in a very indirect way. About 4 weeks ago my aunt’s sister was going home when she met up in a terrible accident. A friend of hers passed away in this accident and she and the lady who helps her clean her home were very badly injured. She was in a semi-conscious state for about 2 weeks and she suffered many injuries. Alhamdullillah (Praise be to Allah) that she now seems like she is on the way to recovery. What does this have to do with the topic at hand you may be wondering, well, we were told that the driver of the car that drove into this lady was drunk on that night!

Can you imagine that, a night of drinking and partying caused so much harm! This is only one such case, there are many more, it happens all the time and still alcohol is freely available to anyone, at any time, (at least here in South Africa that is the case), and all that they’re doing to combat this is to put up more warnings. It’s crazy really!

The more I look at it, the more I can see the wisdom in alcohol being forbidden in Islam. This is really such a horrible thing. People become selfish and ridiculous when they are drunk and what’s worse is that other people’s lives are put in danger!

Then we have the flipside of alcohol warnings, we have alcohol advertisements. Recently there has been talk in South Africa about banning alcohol advertising, but as yet, nothing has been done about this. Whereas warnings remind people that alcohol is unsafe, adverts show off about the “wonderful” lifestyle alcohol can apparently bring you. These advertisements display a life of luxury, friendship, brotherhood, connection, love- all these things can apparently be achieved through alcohol. Basically what they are saying is that if you want a good life then you should drink alcohol. And although this is the biggest load of nonsense, people believe it, because of the way in which it is portrayed. Honestly, I wonder if the people in charge of these alcohol companies actually have a conscience!

I think about Islamic history and remember the story of the time  when alcohol was forbidden in Islam. The Sahaabah (Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) -May Allah be pleased with them) were drinking alcohol at the time it was banned, and when they heard the revelation they emptied their bottles immediately without the slightest hesitation whatsoever, and they never went back to it again! SubhanAllah! If only all people of today were so strong. In today’s times people can see the ill effects of alcohol, it’s so obvious and blatant, yet they are not willing to leave it despite this. (Of course this does not apply to all people)

How people can so happily indulge in something that causes harm to themselves as well as others is beyond me, but Alhamdullillah, I think I should be thankful that this is something I cannot relate to.

May Allah Almighty keep us away from all things which cause harm and may Allah give guidance to us all, Inshaa-Allah!

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  1. Very honest post. I work as an emergency dispatcher. I dispatch police, medical and fire. I know exactly what you are talking about. It is nothing for us to get atleast five to ten calls a night about a drunk driver and during the holiday seasons it triples. I was blessed by Allah that I live in a county where it is illegal to sell liquor, but in reality it does not stop people from trying to sell it through "private business restaurants".

    Keep up the good work and may Allah bless and protect you and your family always

  2. I could not agree more with you Zarina. I am always so sad to hear about these stories because we know the dangers of alcohol and still we don't do anything.
    In Ireland, Alcohol is a terrible thing, health services fear for the next generation and problems link to mental & physical illness and disabilities because women drink way too much (and men too) - It's in their culture but they have no limits. Definitely some issue societies will have to address one day or another.

    Take care

  3. Modest Destiny

    Working in this field must be far worse as you can see the negative effects of these things firsthand and I'm sure that it can become quite frustrating to see people continue doing something that they know is harmful.

    Jazakallah Khayr for the lovely duaa, may Allah also accept all your work and bless your family, inshaa-Allah.

    PS: It must be really nice to live in a country where alcohol is not allowed. Even though people may find ways to get it, its still much more controlled.

  4. Marie

    Yes, the mental and physical illness due to alcohol abuse is terrible, and for women its worse because then you have cases of foetal alcohol syndrome if the women are pregnant. This is something that can become an addiction so easily and something will have to be done as you say, I just hope that its not too late, usually talk about these things doesn't really amount to any action, but we should always remain positive.

  5. Alcohol abuse is so common here in the UK, I try to show my children the dangers of alcohol abuse so that they are aware from an early age what damage it causes! So many children start drinking from an early age and just telling children not to drink isn't the answer - you have to give them good reasons - each time a news report comes on tv mentioning the bad effects (ie death, injury, abuse) I always remind my children that is why alcohol is so bad and is haram. Karima

  6. Karima

    This is true, telling people about the bad effects does not help, it is only when people experience things for themselves that they begin to understand. MAy Allah guide us all and save us from such negative things. Inshaa-Allah!

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  8. kousalya

    Thank you, glad you like it. Looking forward to hearing more from you;-)