Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great Women in Islam

The more I learn about the Blessed lives of the Great women in Islam, the more I am amazed, Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah)! Each one of them was so different, yet each one so wonderful in her own way. There are so many lessons to learn and so many great examples to follow, and I am convinced that even if we follow just one of these beautiful women, then our lives will be much better, Inshaa'Allah.

The Great Woman that we'll be learning about in this post is:

õ  She was the daughter of the Quraysh leader, Abu Sufyaan and the sister of Mu’awiyah- May Allah be pleased with him (the leader of the Muslims after Ali (May Allah be pleased with him)

õ  She was one of the early Muslims and she migrated with her husband, ‘Ubaydullah ibn Jahsh, to Abyssinia.

õ  In Abyssinia her husband became a Christian, indulged in drinking alcohol and then died.

õ  When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) learned of Umm Habeebah’s loneliness, he sent her a message asking for her hand in marriage.

õ  She willingly and happily accepted the proposal.

õ  Since the Prophet (PBUH) was not present in Abyssinia, The Negus, (The ruler of Abyssinia) paid the bridal money on behalf of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). The amount given was four hundred dinar.

õ  Ja’far ibn Abu Talib (the cousin of the Prophet (PBUH) gave a speech on the occasion of the marriage taking place and the Negus threw a banquet.

õ  Umm Habeebah was also given other marriage gifts on this occasion which she took with her when she returned to the Prophet (PBUH)

õ  Due to the situation at the time (the persecution of Muslims in Makkah, etc), Umm Habeebah only returned to the Prophet (PBUH) after many years, with Ja’far (May Allah be pleased with him) and only then was the marriage consummated.

õ  Umm Habeebah’s purity and piety was evident and one evidence of this was that she received true dreams. She dreamt about her husband’s conversion to Christianity before it occurred. She also dreamed that someone was referring to her as “Mother of the Believers” ( A title given to the wives of the Prophet (PBUH), shortly before the proposal from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came to her.

õ  Umm Habeebah was one of the Muslims who had not seen the Prophet (PBUH) for about 15 years due to the migration to Abyssinia, but like her fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, she received the words of the Glorious Quraan from Muslims travelling to Abyssinia, she memorised and understood what she had learnt.

õ  Although she was naturally a very calm and peaceful person, when Umm Habeebah needed to stand firm in the path of Islam, she did this bravely. On one occasion while her father was still a polytheist, he came to her apartment and wanted to sit on the rug of the Noble Prophet (PBUH). Umm Habeebah quickly pulled it away, and when her father enquired about this she said that; It is the Prophet's bed and you are a filthy polytheist!!"

-Abu Sufyaan then said, "You have been afflicted with evil after me."

-She retorted, ''No, I have rather been blessed with all goodness."

õ  In spite of few years that Umm Habeebah spent with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), she has memorized and narrated a considerable number of hadiths from him. She therefore faithfully and trustworthily took part in enriching the noble Sunnah (Teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).

This is account has been shortened considerably and the entire story is very interesting, so, to read more, you can download books from:

May Almighty Allah increase us all in beneficial knowledge, Inshaa-Allah!


  1. “O Allah! Send Your mercy on Muhammad [saw] and on his wives and on his off spring, as You sent Your mercy on the family of Abraham; and send Your blessings on Muhammad [saw] and on his wives and on his offspring, as You sent Your blessings on the family of Abraham, for You are the Most Praise-worthy, the Most Glorious.”
    (Sahih Bukhari)

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  3. ''No, I have rather been blessed with all goodness."

    Ameen. As a convert in my family, I feel this way all the time.

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