Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What are you reading?

Knowledge is a fundamental part of Islam and indeed of humanity as a whole, but the reason that I say it's particularly a fundamental part of Islam is because Islam basically began with knowledge. Most of us know that the first words uttered by the angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was "Read!". And the Prophet (PBUH) urged all Muslims, both male and female to seek beneficial knowledge "from the cradle to the grave".

I find it strange that so many people readily admit that they do not read! Maybe this is because I grew up loving reading, my father has always loved books and has always read a variety of different books, so I grew up reading all sorts of things, and having books in our home was a norm. Till now, even though you can read so many different things on the Internet, I still have to admit that I love books in the old fashioned way, with its shiny new covers and interesting pictures. I love to see how the cover represents what's inside the book, basically I prefer having an actual book in front of me and its very sad that reading books is something that people are doing less and less.

The latest book that I am reading is a beautiful and different one. I somehow came across the write-up about it (on the Internet, as you'd all agree Internet reading is simply unavoidable, especially when you're a blogger so I say its best to have both). Anyway, this book sounded interesting. The first thing I read about it was that it tells the story of the life of the Prophet (PBUH) completely in poetry. That was enough to get me intrigued.

So Alhamdullillah I managed to get a copy of the book and I have to tell you that it lives up to its reviews. It's simply heartfelt, honest and true but told in a way that almost forces you to love the amazing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I love the cover of this book also, it takes me back to earlier times, and it's just eloquent, and in this case, the cover truly depicts what's inside the book, so yeah, this is a book you can judge by the cover!

So here's a link to the book for any of you who might be interested, and if you do get to read it or already have, please share your thoughts.

But the other thing I'd like to hear about is what books are other people reading. So please feel free to share, tell us what's the last book you've read and whether its worth reading, or share any thoughts on the topic. A friend of mine used to run a book club and I think this idea is so great and a while back I considered having a cyber book club, but that never happened, I do still think it's a nice idea though, its always good to discuss important topics and people all come with their own perspectives.

Anyway, I'm off to read some more of "Noble Brother" now, I know I'm going to enjoy it and I hope that you all enjoy your reading too!



  1. Zarina, interesting post and thanks for sharing the link on the book you're reading.
    I am too a book reader. Got it from my mum. It look me a long time to read but after 12 you could not see me without a book in my hands.
    You can learn so much.

    At the moment I am reading a book about the Feminine figures in Islam, it's very interesting.
    Annemarie Schimmel - "My Soul is a a Woman - The Feminine in Islam"

    I too wanted to set up a book club on-line but didn't find the time and the people to do it. Something to think about maybe, cause it's a brilliant idea and I am sure it can benefit many.

    Have a lovely day and be blessed for always sharing so valuable posts with us all. Take care.

  2. Salam aleikum sister,
    Masha Allah, so nice to hear that there are also other sisters out there who love reading! My blog is about islam but also as much about the books that I have read as I have written book review about almost every book that I have read during the time that my blog has existed. You might get some ideas there - some of the books are about islam while others represent mainstream literature, or both in same time :). And most of the books exist also in English (or are originally published in English), so you can find the interesting ones in your library of book store, insha Allah. Would be interesting to know which are your favourite books, both among islamic literature and mainstream one.

  3. Just finished reading "Mornings in Jenin". & Loved it. Def a must read

  4. Thanks for all the great comments my dear sisters!

    That's a good book, I've read it a few years ago but I do remember that it was quite insightful.

    It's great that we have the same idea about the online bookclub, maybe we should think about it a bit more and then start it;-}

    Inshaa Allah when I have some more time I'll check out your blog, I've just noticed that you seem to have 3 blogs, were you speaking about any particular one?

    Bint Mahmood-
    "Mornings in Jenin" does sound good, maybe I will get it now that you've rated it as a "must-read"

  5. Assalaamu Alaikum Sister,

    I have read only one book on the life of the holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihe wa Sallam) and it's "Ar-Raheeq Al-Maktoom"(The Sealed Nectar).

    MashaAllah It's really a wonderful book.

    JzakAllahu Khair, for introducing "Noble Brother".

  6. Eyewitness

    Jazakallah Khair for your comment brother, like you, many people have said that "The Sealed Nectar" is a beautiful book about the Prophet's (sallallahu alaihi was sallam)life, unfortunately I have not yet gotten down to reading it, but inshaa Allah I will try and do that soon.

    "Noble Brother" is very different because its poetry but I think that you first have to read something like "The Sealed Nectar" or something like that and have an idea of the life of the Prophet(saw)otherwise you may not know exactly what the poems in Noble Brother is about.

  7. Salam aleikum Zarina,

    sorry for not mentioning the name of my personal blog, it is Kattona taivas. I participate only in two blogs, another one is written by me and some other persons and has not been updated for almost a year.

    "Mornings in Jenin" is a great book and really worth reading! And I also forgot to mention in my previous comment that I just finished "Horse boy - A father's quest to heal his son" that tells about autistic boy and his love towards animals and especially horses, which leads the family to do a trip to Mongolia and Siperia. Great book as well.

  8. Wa-alaykum salaam Nadia

    "Horse Boy" also sounds like an interesting book, since two people have recommended "Mornings in Jenin" I really do think I have to read it now. Thanks for telling me what your blog is, inshaa Allah I will check it out sometime.

  9. TO be honest I don't really read books, I go on a question feel...if I want to know something I just google it. Otherwise, the only books I read are Quran and hadith.

    Oddness: Once in a while I'll come something that will strike my attention like The Secret, A thousand splendid suns + Kite Runner and the odd techies book.

  10. Blue Pearl- I've got to admit that it's way easier to just google stuff, but I guess I'm still "old school" when it comes to books;-}

    I enjoyed reading The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, both of them were very intense and I remember thinking that the best word to describe them both is tragic. I haven't read The Secret.