Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In dedication to a woman of true piety- Mariam (alaihis salaam)

A woman who epitomised purity,
She redefined all ideas of piety,
Beloved by the One Above,
Shining, soaring, like a white dove.

The Holy Book (Quraan) details her life,
Such a high status she was given,
Through all her struggles and her strife,
Her ultimate goal was always Heaven.
Blessed with the fruits from Jannah,
Her prayers were answered instantly,
Dedicated only to her Lord, definitely not a sinner,
To Allah did she turn, ever constantly.

The mother of a great Prophet,
Giving birth, alone, in complete isolation,
Her sacrifices were for all of our benefit,
Her life, from beginning to end, given to Allah in dedication.

She endured the mocking and gossip of her kinfolk,
With accusations against her so harsh, still her Lord did she invoke,
She carried out divine orders consistently,
And in her worship she continued persistently.

Oh what an amazing woman, words cannot express it properly!
Such endurance and courage she displayed,
Even when she was betrayed,
Her life remains a lesson, a true and perfect legacy.

This is our history, there for us all,
Her example we should try and emulate,
Even in ways so small,
There are no excuses and no reason to wait.

May Almighty Allah continue to shower peace on our beloved Mariam (alaihis salaam) and may Allah guide us all towards the true path. Insha'Allah Ameen!

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